A closet hardware might look like a small product, but its utility is immense. The hardware proves to be highly beneficial in your day-to-day life. Though very small in appearance, not a single household will be able to think of carrying out with the daily chores without this kind of appliances. Certain tiring jobs are easily completed by using them. Imagine how difficult it would become to open a closed door with bare hands, without using the hardware provided on it.

belt and tie racks for custom closet

Types of closet hardware

The closet hardware comes in various types for various uses. Almost every appliance of the household nowadays is attached with hardware of this kind. Drawers, curtain bearers, kitchen kits and many other innumerable appliances are enamored with the closet hardware, to make those things easily usable for everyone. A few ordinary examples of such type of utility products are as follows:

  • Tie racks – To hang the ties in the proper manner in order to maintain their proper shape
  • Swinging hanger – To hang the properly ironed shirts and trousers
  • Extension hangers – To hang the coats and suits, along with blazers
  • Closet rod lift mechanism – To lift the racks containing properly arranged clothes

essential closet rod lift mechanism

The closet hardware products can also be broadly categorized under a few heads:

1. Closet rod hardware – This utility hardware is found in every household. The closet rod hardware is specially found in the closets where it is necessary to hang certain kind of clothes. They help in preventing the unnecessary piling up of clothes on top of each other.

2. Sliding Closet Hardware – This kind of sliding closet hardware mainly adorns the drawers found in the living rooms, storerooms and kitchens. The sliders provided along the drawers make it very simple and easy to drag them to open.

premium type wardrobe closet hanger

How to choose and buy closet hardware

Closet hardware comes in various types, materials and styles. Brass, bronze, chrome, and nickel are some of the materials used to make the closet hardware for various appliances. They come in various designs based on its nature of use such as knobs, pulls, hinges, glides, locks, latches and various other forms. You must choose the best among them before buying those.

Chrome is an expensive one but provides high durability and adds elegance to the décor of your room. On the other hand, there is also closet hardware made of plastic, which are cheaper in price but are not as durable. You need to go over your budget and choose the best one suiting your financial budget as well as personal preferences.

stainless steel closet swinging hanger

Top manufacturers of closet hardware

Gee Bridge International, Soundway Industrial, and Higold Kitchen Function Hardware are a few of the top manufacturers of high quality closet hardware. You can search the web for any further details of the product of any of these companies.

When buying closet hardware, always make sure to measure first the dimensions of your cupboards or drawers in order to have the proper fit and sizing of the materials. Also, read reliable consumer reviews to know that you are really getting the worth of what you are paying for.