There is something about collecting stuff that makes a lot of people spend a lot of their money just to acquire their chosen items. Bettina Dorfmann of Germany for instance, has a total of 6,025 Barbie dolls amounting to £100, 000! This is equivalent to about $166,000. On the other hand, Prince Rainier III of Monaco has 400 antique cars! There are many more collectors in the world, collectors of cute, beautiful, and rare items. We have collectors of key chains, shoes, bags, jewelleries, and even McDonalds’ Toys. And creepy as it sounds, there are also knife collectors. Yes, you hear it right. There are knives collectors.

There are varying kinds of knives that differ in style, shapes, blades, and designs. If you are a knife enthusiast but don’t have enough budget to fund the crave, then you might as well shop for cheap William Henry Knives. William Henry Studio offers all range of cheap knives- from cheap stiletto knives, cheap survival knives, and other William Henry specially designed cheap knives.

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Stiletto is an Italian word, which means “a stake or a kind of pointed instrument.” A stiletto popularly known as misericorde, which means “mercy”, was used by ancient knights during battles to wound and slay their opponents.
Cheap Stiletto knives come in altering styles that are also noted as a stabbing weapon. There are other forms of Stiletto knives like the round, square and diamond cross sections Stilettos. These Cheap knives are available at William Henry Studio.

William Henry Studio is dedicated to producing knives, pens and other fine accessories that rank among the finest in the world. Each William Henry knife is an exceptional handcrafted rendition of function, form, and value. Each knife is adjusted, assembled and finished by hand to exacting quality standards.

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Survival knives are knives intended for endure in wilderness. This kind of cheap survival knives is common to those who love adventure like the hunters and hikers in going to the woods. As its name suggests, survival knife can be of multiple use. Pilots are given a special type of survival knife in the event their plane may be shot down. These cheap knives can be used for skinning, trapping, wood cutting, and opening canned goods.

Believe it or not, collecting knives has been one of the fastest growing hobbies in the US. A slight touch on your bare skin can make a river blood ooze. Even though more and more knives fanatics are getting into knives collection, many people still find this hobby to be creepy and scary. However, just like what other item-collectors feel, getting beautifully handcrafted knives could be satisfying.