Are you looking for cheap gift ideas for the man in your life? Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or your man’s birthday, you don’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of cheap gift ideas for men that they’ll love to open.

Gifts for a Man Who Loves To Eat

Here are some cool cheap gift ideas for your guy who loves to eat:

  • Book a beer or wine tour in a major city for two. Shop online to find the best deal. You can get tours like these in New York City for as low as $40 per person.

  • To save even more money, get your guy a bottle of wine or liquor. You can find delicious wine for under $10 and you can pick up a bottle of flavored vodka for around $20.

best cheap gift ideas

  • Most guys love jerky and you can find a bunch of different kinds online, like alligator jerky and elk jerky.

  • Pick up a box of your man’s favorite chocolates or make a small gift basket with a collection of his favorite foods.

  • If your guy likes to cook, cute cheap gift ideas include a subscription to a cooking magazine for $15 or a guy-friendly cookbook, like “Great Grilled Cheese.”

Gifts for the Outdoors Man

If your guy spends tons of time outside year round, get him a gift he can use in the wild. Cheap gift ideas include a thick pair of wool gloves, a warm winter hat or a new pack of socks. Travel socks decrease pressure and keep blood flowing, and a pack only costs $10. Hikers will love anything made out of GoreTex, which is a breathable material perfect for the outdoors. Guys on the go will also love a new water bottle or travel coffee thermos, a travel cell phone charger or a shave kit.

Gifts for Athletes and Sports Lovers

Cool cheap gifts ideas for the athlete or sports lover in your life are fairly easy to come by. Get your guy a t-shirt, hat or keychain with his favorite team’s logo. Dr. Cool and Dr. Hot bags make it easy to treat any sports-related injury. For the game lover, cheap gift ideas include a new pack of playing cards or poker chips.

best cheap gift ideas for men

Gifts for College Students

While your favorite guy’s cracking the books, surprise him with a small, thoughtful gift. Gifts for college students include laptop cases, a leather resume portfolio, a space pen that writes upside down and a new garment bag. Some of the best cheap gift ideas for college students are dorm room necessities and decor, like a hot plate, new sheets, or a poster of his favorite movie.

There are so many gifts you can give the men in your life. To start with, think of something that they need and one that they will find most useful. Surely, they will have so much to thank for with these gifts.