Cheap cruise tickets can be found if you leave during a weekday or a different port than you had originally thought that you would. Sometimes, just a different port can make a difference, and if you can blend these two things, like roll these two situations into one, then you could really get a better deal.

Cheap cruise tickets can be gotten for a spur of the moment, or last minute getaways. Other times, you can get travel agents and travel sites to quote a deal for you. One person did this and got a cruise from a 1500 dollar ticket to an under 1000 dollar ticket. So he had cut his cruise ticket price down quite a bit. This is a way of getting discount cruise tickets.

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Really cheap cruise tickets can be gained if you even have a skill that you can teach people, such as a craft like stained glass classes for example. If the tickets are not really cheap cruise tickets, possibly you could even cruise for free if they really tend to like what skill you have to offer.

Tickets for discount cruise lines are not the better choice as the discount cruise lines do not tend to give quite the pampering that more expensive cruises do. This is unless you just want to do a few days rather than seven or more days. A quick cruise on a discount cruise will be sufficient on these as there is usually less to do on a discount cruise line than there would be for a more expensive cruise.

Cheap cruise tickets can be found by a special rule. You can book very early or quite late because sometimes there are discounted prices for those that do this. If you book far in advance, then you can get a better deal rather than to book when everyone else would.

Cheap cruise tickets can be found on the internet. Go to the bigger travel sites and call them even to get better price quotes. Ask the travel agent what discounts that they can give you for a cruise. People have gotten good deals for booking very early and asking what discounts travel agents would give them.

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If you take a more basic room on a cruise rather than a luxury suite, this will also help you to get a cheap cruise ticket. You will likely be spending much of your time outside of your room, so why a suite if you won’t be there much? A suite may be a status symbol, but, when it comes down to it, a suite really doesn’t do that much for you when you are always out of the room and doing things on the cruise.