Changing transmission fluid for your car might be a bit of an inconvenience, but it is an essential part of vehicle maintenance.

It is the transmission fluid that lubricates all the components of your vehicle in order for it to function properly. The task of changing transmission fluid is therefore very important if you want your car to perform as it should.

2 Ways of Changing Transmission Fluid

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There are two primary ways of changing transmission fluid for your vehicle:

  • flushing out the oil

  • changing the filter

We will take a look at the recommended method of changing transmission fluid: removing the filter.

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Changing Transmission Fluid – Removal Of Filter

Removing the filter is an effective method, whether you are changing manual transmission fluid or changing automatic transmission fluid. The process does not differ much between these two types of car.


  • First of all, you will want to jack-up your car and remove the oil pan. Under the oil pan is the filter.

  • Remove the screws of the filter until you can completely pull it loose of the vehicle.

  • As you pull it free, ensure that you do not damage the sealant that holds the gasket in place.


  • Then give the filter a thorough wash, making sure to remove any metal impurities that have been collected at the very bottom.

  • Once thoroughly cleaned and emptied of fluid, replace the filter and then refill with fluid.

You will need to check your vehicle’s manual for exactly how much fluid to put in, but the important thing is to not fill it up too high or too low.

Cost Of Changing Transmission Fluid

The cost of changing transmission fluid depends on a number of different factors. This is true whether you do it yourself or if you hire a professional to do it for you.

The model of your car, and thus the type of fluid that it requires, is the primary factor that will determine the overall cost of changing transmission fluid. The value of your car, in terms of how long you have had it, is taken into account as well.

Who is carrying out the work is obviously a key factor. If you do it yourself then you save on the costs of labor, but you will also need to purchase the replacement fluid itself. But it is not an overly expensive task, whether you are changing transmission fluid yourself or hiring a professional to do it for you.

Changing Transmission Fluid – A Summary

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Changing transmission fluid is a relatively simple and inexpensive task, whether you are changing manual transmission fluid or changing automatic transmission fluid.

  • The recommended method of changing transmission fluid involves replacing the filter to give it a thorough clean and to fully replace the fluid.

  • However, there is also the option of flushing the existing fluid out, without having to remove the filter. But this method only replaces half of the fluid and does not thoroughly clean the filter itself.

Whatever method you use, just make sure to change the transmission fluid of your vehicle on a regular basis to ensure that it is kept it excellent working condition. The tasks of changing transmission fluid should ideally be done every 20,000 to 100,000 miles.