The Chanel fragrances have stayed in the limelight for a long time, especially for their timeless and cutting-edge ideas in creating the best set of fragrances and presenting it to the world. Chanel has continued to make countless contributions to the fashion world apart from these fragrances. The Chanel fragrances for women can be called an absolute masterpiece with their soft and mesmerizing composition which turns you into a completely new person with a fresh outlook. This has given the Chanel fragrances a distinguished name in the perfume industry and has helped them stay on top beating down the competition from several companies that came thereafter.

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The biggest achievement by the company was of course the Chanel 5 perfume which soon after its release received a massive response from all over the globe. Apparently, reports has it that one bottle of Chanel fragrance number 5 was sold every second giving the company a profit of around $100 million dollars each year. The statistics speaks for itself and it is evident that no other fragrance could have produced such an impact as this masterpiece did. In composition, it contains ylang-ylang and neroli, as well as notes of jasmine and rose.

If you look back at the history of the company, you will find that the company was blessed with success right from the start. Apparently, the creator of the company wanted to deliver something that gave women a sense of independence and the feeling that they belonged to an important part of their culture. Well, we can say that she was successful in doing the same. Today, you will find around 8 out of 10 women wearing this special breed of perfume.

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To date, Chanel perfumes are a popular trend among world-renowned celebrities and television personalities. One should not be misled as this is only one reason among many others that add appeal to this celebrated Chanel brand. In fact, there are several other key factors adding to their success. One good example is the Chanel No. 5 which is by far the most well-loved version of Chanel perfume.

Owing to the rich centuries of accumulated history behind the Chanel name, the fragrances remain to be in great demand all over the world. Its scents are still the popular choice among thousands of women, who dream of wearing them. For this reason, retailers have made it a point to stock a wide array of several versions of Chanel fragrances.