Khakis, also referred to as “chinos,” have been a wardrobe staple for both men and women for years. “Khaki” is an Indian word and means “tan” or “dust,” and these popular pieces of clothing are named for their neutral color. Because of their conservative color, khakis can be worn with a wide variety of bold and colorful clothing. Khakis can be made of everything from cotton to wool. There are tons of pictures of celebrities wearing khakis, securing them as a bona fide modern style for today.

nicky hilton in khaki shorts

Khakis for Women

From khaki shirts to khaki pants, shorts, and khaki skirts, women have an assortment of chinos to choose from. Plus, there are tons of pictures of women celebrities wearing khakis. Pull your style influences from celebs to try out different looks.

  • Women should opt to wear a top made of a similar fabric to their khakis. Fabrics that are on opposite ends of the spectrum won’t pair well together. For example, if your khakis are wool, don’t wear a thin silk top with them. Try to keep the two fabrics you wear of the same weight.
  • Cropped khakis, like the ones seen on Rihanna, are perfect for warm weather. Cropped chinos can either fall at the top of your ankle or your calf.
  • Long, baggy khaki shorts have been seen on major models walking the runways.

Take a tip from the female celebrities wearing khakis and pair them with heels for a sophisticated look perfect for an evening out.

Khakis for Men

Men have to follow their own set of rules when wearing khakis. What goes for women doesn’t necessarily work for men.

  • Guys who sport khakis should never cuff the bottom of their pants.
  • While many older men like to tuck the front of their chinos, this isn’t the best look. Khakis look best when they’re worn in a casual manner.
  • Khakis look better the longer you own them and the more worn-in they get. Don’t scrap your chinos just because they have a few wear marks. Keep them until they fall apart.

seducive mens khaki pants

Tips for Wearing Khakis

Only wear one khaki piece at a time. Wearing a shirt and pair of pants in khaki will make you look ready for a safari. The more relaxed your khakis, the more comfortable and casual you’ll look.

George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston are only a couple of the celebrities wearing khakis who pull off the chic, comfy look.