Car floor mats are not anymore the bland, piece of protective rubber inside your car. These car mats have become just as classy as all your other car accessories. They are now made in different colors, designs and types that suit different types of cars.

Various Designs of Car Floor Mats

Most people prefer using car floor mats only on the passenger’s side. Others prefer to fully furnish the whole car. There are also those truck owners who want to include their truck beds. With so many variations of the car floor mats available today, there is hardly any car that would not find a mat to match. Here are some available mat designs you can find in the market:-

best car floor mats

  • Heavy duty mats – these types of mats are long lasting and rubber-like plastic coverings. And as heavy duty as they are, you are sure to use them for a long, long time. Husky floor mats are a great example of this type of mats.

  • Raised-out loop design. These mats are designed to keep moisture, mud and snow from flowing way down to the surface. They are available to come with thick rubber heel pad that works to guarantee heavy duty service for a long time. They are such durable rubber car floor mats that you can use day in and day out.

best durable custom car floor mats

  • There are also some car floor mats that have been made using TPR Foam Sheet. This type of mat is flexible, soft and also easy to wash. It has been manufactured using a 3-D design that helps it collect all dirt easily.

  • Decorative mats. These are the more expensive types, compared to the ones mentioned above.. These are custom car floor mats and are only made for a particular season. They come in different shapes and colors, all meant to match your car’s individual style. These are popular choices as car floor mats for girls.

With the right floor mat, your car floor is sure to always be clean and protected. When planning to purchase car floor mats, it is good to purchase at least two sets to enable you to change them especially during change in seasons. It is also advisable to buy one mat for summer and the other one for winter, both types are made in different ways to service the different seasons.