California drunk driving law is one of the most strict law enforcement attempts to decrease the casualties caused by drunk driving. Being the center of the entertainment and technology industry in the United States, the state of California is also America’s most populated state. Along with the population growth it is currently undergoing, the law about drunk driving in California had to be adjusted as such to be able to accommodate the need of their populace. The law needs to be strict yet fair without leaving room for offenders to underestimate the law. California drunk driving law needs to be carried out seriously by the law enforcing elements to prevent future law offenders into thinking that they could get away of their offense.

california dui law and punishments

The California dui laws & penalties are stated clear enough for people to see that they are going to be sorry when they are drinking while intoxicated. First time offenders can be convicted with 96 hours to a maximum of 6 months jail time depending on the circumstances happening around the time and during the arrest. Under the California drunk driving law, the offender’s license would also be suspended in addition of being eligible to be fined to an amount that can reach as much as $1600.

Losing their license may also result in losing their job, especially if their job requires a driving license in order for them to be hired. Although, for some people, this is just right and the offenders deserve to lose their job because drunk driving is potentially life threatening not just for the drivers, but also for pedestrians. California drunk driving law provides an appeal for license reinstatement although there would be a price to pay.

California drunk driving felony law

An ignition interlock device is a new method that is implemented in the California drunk driving law to make sure those California dui law offenders would be sober when they are going to drive after their offense. The device is designed to lock the ignition and requires the driver to blow into the device to test the blood alcohol concentration of the driver. If the alcohol concentration level exceeds the limit set by California drunk driving law which is 0.08%, then ignition interlock device would – as the name implies – lock the ignition and prevents the drunk driver from starting the car.

The law about drunk driving in California is clearly stated and can be searched upon the many law sites in the internet. If you feel somewhat violated from your rights while you are being charged with the California drunk driving law, then you have a right to get an attorney of law to help you with your legal problems. If you are drunk enough to call your doctor instead of your lawyer; however, you should realize that you are definitely in the wrong and following the procedure obediently is the fastest way for you to get out of trouble.