The popularity of bed toppers is increasing rapidly because of their ability to increase a bed’s level of comfort and sleep quality. These are also helpful for increasing the durability of your bed. Different types of bed toppers are available in the market. They are foam bed toppers, feather bed toppers, bed toppers for back pain, memory foam bed toppers, etc.

Foam Bed Toppers

really comfy foam bed toppers

Foam bed toppers are the easiest way to improve your comfort level in bed. These are softer and firmer. The memory foam bed toppers are highly sensitive to your body heat, so it has the ability to adjust with your body weight and temperature. It also helps relieve pains and aches, which develop throughout your work day.

Feather Bed Toppers

Luxury Feather Bed toppers

Feather bed toppers give extra comfort. These are, as its name implies, filled with feathers. This is also helpful for providing you a comfortable sleep and regulating your body temperature.

Bed Toppers for Back Pain

best bed toppers for back pain

If you are seeking bed toppers for back pain, latex foam bed toppers are highly useful. While the memory foam bed toppers are derived from plastics, latex foam on the other hand is highly durable and they can resist wear and tear and they return after its original form after being compressed. However, both memory foam and latex foam are useful for curing back pain.

Benefits of Using Bed Toppers

Bed toppers are available in different varieties and sizes. They are used for different purposes such as comfort, health and hygiene. Some of the major benefits of bed toppers are:

* Hygiene
* Protection from allergies
* Luxury
* Back support and cushioning
* Relief from aches and pains


When you sleep, there is a possibility of shedding skin, drool, and sweat all over your bed. The bed toppers, which are placed on top of your bed, absorb your drool, sweat, etc and keep your bed hygienic always. These are machine washable so you can keep them clean and dirt free on a regular basis. Latex backed cotton bed toppers are beneficial for parents with kids who wet the bed. The bed toppers used only for hygiene purpose are generally very thin.

Protection from Allergies

Bed toppers also help you to protect from dander and dust allergies. Cotton and wool have anti allergen properties so you can use these types of bed toppers if you are suffering from allergies.


Mattress toppers, because of the extra comfort they provide, could give a feel of luxury to your bed. You can also improve your energy level and the quality of your sleep.

Back Support and Cushioning

quality memory foam bed toppers

Memory foam bed toppers are highly beneficial for distributing your body weight evenly through the bed toppers. This is also helpful for providing you back support and cushioning, so it applies less pressure on your joints and back muscles.

Relief from Aches and Pains

Bed toppers for back pain are very thick and they help to reduce pains and aches in your body. This is also helpful for reducing pain on your hips, ankles, and knees. Thick wool or latex bed toppers are used for this purpose.