Business cards are cards that bear important information about your business. During the old times, a business card is more formal and does not have beautiful designs like the present ones. This is because the importance of the business card is to make the receiver know about the company. The trend has changed these days where a business card will also be the attraction to make potential customers interested to use your product or service. The business card size is the most important aspect in making an attractive business card.

average business card size

Important Attributes of a Business Card

  • What size is a business card is vital. This is because you must ensure that the receiver will be able to store it somewhere he or she will always look, which is the wallet or a purse. However, you do not want them to mistake the business cards for credit cards.
  • The standard business card size is slightly smaller and lighter than credit cards. If you want the estimation on what is the size of a business card, it is exactly 3.5” x 2”.
  • Not only the business card size is important, the font size and typography must also be analyzed first before printed. The font size must not be too small because it will be hard to read.
  • Make sure that you only put the company logo, company name and your name on the front. The other important details can be put at the back.

standard business card size

However, these suggested attributes are entirely dependent on your taste. Hire a professional to do your business card so that you get some business card design ideas from the designer before deciding on the final look of your business card.

There are also instances where you want your business card size to be different from others. In this case, you may not use the normal business card size. No matter what is the size of a business card that you have in mind, make sure that it does its job, which is giving the important details to the receiver of the card. In terms of design, make sure that it is not too flashy unless it gives the impression that you are working for an art company. Avoid unnecessary decorations and make your business card looks sharp and sleek. Having a smart and educated appearance is not enough, even your business cards need to be ‘handsome’ these days.