Due to the high amount of auto accidents taking place every year, car travel can be a risky business especially if there are toddlers involved. Even without an exposure to an accident, sudden jerks or bumps can also be harmful to a child who may not be able to balance himself well while seated in the vehicle. Children at this age have not yet developed their sense of posture and balance and may be flung here and there in the car in case of a swaying motion. Britax parkway seats can prove to be quite helpful to ensure that the child remains in one position. Britax parkway seats are manufactured by an England based company that gradually expanded its business to European and other markets as well. Britax parkway seats are now available at most major retail stores all over the world.

britax parkway car seats

The Britax parkway booster seat is a special product that is not only cost effective but also induces savings among those who invest in it. This is because the height of the seat can be increased gradually to any possible height to which a young child is likely to grow. This reduces the need of investing in a new parkway booster by Britax every time the child gains a few inches. One only needs to purchase a Britax parkway seat once after which alterations can be made at home to make it suitable for the needs of a growing child. In case on finds it a tad difficult to make these manual adjustments, a customer care executive can also be called in order to obtain guidance about the correct ways to make such alterations.

parkway booster by britax improved version

The Britax Parkway SGL is a new and improved version of the Britax parkway seat. It has additional design features that make it more safe and secure for all kinds of travel be it long distance or short distance. Britax creates parkway seats with extra elements like holders to hold children’s snacks and drinks so that there is no spilling or stains in your car. This can be quite convenient when children need to be fed during long distance travel.

britax parkway booster safety seat

There are many different color combinations in Britax seats that one can purchase. The color of the car upholstery can be considered while picking out the car seats to ensure a match. These seats offer the highest degree of comfort among all such children’s seats available in the market today. This makes it the most preferred and popular product for parents having young children. Before purchasing a Britax parkway seat, the child should be made to sit in it and strapped in to test if the size and dimensions are perfectly suitable for the child.

britax parkway sgl for kids