The dilemma of brewed coffee vs instant coffee has been around for a while now. Each of the two coffee making options seems to have merits and demerits. Here are some benefits and down sides of each of the two varieties. They should help you determine the best choice for you.

all about Brewed Coffee Vs Instant Coffee

The health benefits of taking coffee

Coffee has been found to have very many health benefits. The most important of these are as follows.

  1. Coffee helps boost your mood: coffee contains chemicals that always relay happy messages to the brain. As a result, a good cup of coffee will make you feel happier if you were feeling moody or sad.
  2. Coffee will give you headache relief. A good cup of well-made coffee is always very effective against headaches. As for the issue of brewed coffee vs instant coffee, both have an effect in reducing headache.
  3. It contains antioxidants: the body tends to accumulate a lot of free radicals. These can lead to a lot of health complications. One of the worst results of free radicals in the body is cancer. If you want to keep cancer at bay, whether you buy the brewed coffee vs instant coffee dilemma or not, coffee will help you.
  4. Helps keep you awake and alert. If you are interested in burning the midnight oil or simply want to be alert, then you need a regular cup of coffee. Coffee has chemicals that help the mind to stay alert for long. A good cup in the morning will increase your productivity at the workplace.
  5. Helps you lose weight. Coffee has the effect of boosting the body’s metabolism and keeping you active especially in the morning. It has also been shown to help burn off the calories. You just need to make the coffee right and you will be well on your way to a healthier physique.
  6. Coffee helps reduce asthma. All medication that is meant for asthma usually contains a high amount of caffeine. This means that coffee might be a natural anti-asthma medication.

All these and many more are the health benefits of taking a good cup of coffee. However there is still an argument on brewed vs instant coffee. In terms of the health benefits, both types generally give the same results. However, there are some advantages of brewed and instant coffee.

Brewed coffee is usually stronger than instant coffee. This means that it will contain more of the active ingredients such as flavanoids and caffeine. Brewed coffee will therefore, keep you alert for longer and have more effect in improving your health. If you get a good coffee urn brewing good coffee will be made much easier.

When you brew coffee, you have control over how strong you want it. This means that you get to determine exactly how you want your coffee to taste. On the other hand, with the instant coffee where you take what has been made.

The most important benefit of instant coffee is that it takes less time and experience to make. You just need hot water, the coffee and other choice ingredients to get it ready. With the brewed coffee you have to know how to brew and to have time for brewing to the perfect taste.

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In conclusion, the question of brewed coffee vs instant coffee is very hard to answer. Factors like time, health condition of the user and personal preferences come into play when choosing. But if you invest in some good coffee urns, getting a good cup of either won’t be so hard.