There is a lot to say about Brendan Hines these days. This American actor was born on December 28, 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up to play various roles in the showbiz industry not to mention dabbling in the music industry as well. Among the parts he has played during his career include Andy Goode in the hit television series of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Eli Loker as one of the cast members of Lie to Mie and of course, in the TV series The Middleman where he portrayed Tyler Ford. Brendan Hines was also part of the Bakerloo Theatre Project.

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According to Brendan Hines wiki, he has also been quite active in the music scene writing and performing songs on his own along with a band to back him up. His group called The Brendan Hines made good music and in 2008 released his first ever album where you can get to listen to all original compositions including “Good For You Know Who”. When it comes to information about Brendan Hines dating women, this actor is keeping it all to himself lately but whether or not this young man will hook up with a celebrity or non-celebrity remains to be seen. For those who are curious about Brendan Hines girlfriend histories, gossip columns have yet to fill this question out.

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Brendan Hines seems to enjoy his rising stardom especially with hit TV series under his belt. More and more people are starting to pay attention to his acting and his roles on TV that it won’t be too soon before he has his own show if he does well. As for his music, Brendan Hines is doing well in the field as well. Music lovers find his voice sexy and alluring and that his music is a refreshing sound amidst all the noise and what not these days. Fans may hear more of his own music in the future perhaps depending on how his career develops.

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Brendan Hines is a man who has a lot to give the industry. What with his good looks and talent he is sure to go very far in the acting and music industry. It seems that he has a good head on his shoulders as well that it won’t be too surprising to find him getting more rave reviews in the long run. According to reports, he finds himself enjoying acting alongside some of the best actors in the industry including Tim Roth in Lie to Me. The show itself made him a better person according to his statement and that if he will never have to choose between acting and music since both are part of his life already. These are true words from a bold actor who will definitely have a promising career in the long run.

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