With the different styles, brands and sizes available, finding the perfect bra can be difficult. A good quality bra can also be quite expensive. Whether you have found the perfect cup size and just need a little extra room on the band or are trying to keep your favorite old bra comfortable during pregnancy, around the holidays or during other temporary body changes, a bra extender can help you to adjust your bra for a comfortable fit for much less money than purchasing a new bra.

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The bra strap extender is available in numerous sizes and styles to help you find the perfect fit. Whether you are choosing a simple 2-hook model or a bra extender 3 hook or 4 hook model, these brands are some of the most popular:

  • Dritz
  • NuAngel
  • Underworks
  • The Solution
  • Fashion Forms

Shopping Guide

Most bra extender designs are intended for use with bras that connect in the back. Specialty extenders are available for other formats but offer fewer options. When it comes to choosing a bra back extender, there are a few things to consider. These tips will make it easy to find the perfect bra extender for your needs:

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  • Choosing the number of hooks: The number of hooks on the bra extender help to determine the strength of the extender. Smaller cup sizes or bands can often use simple two hook extenders. If you have a fuller figure or desire more strength and support, extenders are available with up to five hooks. However, keep in mind that larger extenders are harder to conceal under clothing due to their rows of eyelets.
  • Color matching: You can find a bra extender in a variety of colors. Popular colors include nude, black, white and clear. By matching the extender to the color of your bra, you can create a more pleasing appearance. Clear bra extenders are great for low back tops or other times when you would prefer to keep your bra strap concealed.

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  • Sizing: Bra strap extenders are available in a variety of lengths. For the most secure fit, finding a bra extender that you can connect near the middle will reduce stretching and pinching while allowing for more flexibility in the future.
  • Fasteners: While the most popular bra extender design features a simple hook and eye fastener, other options include hook and latch tape, magnets or snaps. Hook and latch tape extenders are great for those with reduced motor skills. Magnetic latches are ideal for situations where a bra or support must be changed frequently, such as in fashion or theater wardrobes.

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The popularity and versatility of the bra extender makes it easy to find in both retail stores and on the Internet. For the best pricing, many companies offer bra extenders in multiples of three or five. This means you can affix an extender to each bra and avoid wear and tear on the extenders that might be caused from frequent attaching or removal. For larger extenders, checking with maternity or plus size clothing stores can provide a greater selection.