The power within a boxer’s powerful punch is dependent on his choice of his boxing gloves. His training staff see to it that he wears only the perfect pair whenever he goes up in the ring to fight.

Subsequently, boxing gloves were not worn during the early days of boxing. Boxers fight with their bare knuckles until it was banned and the revival of the boxing bout brought the mandatory wearing of boxing gloves in 1867. The first padded gloves were introduced in the 19th century, which has the primary goal of protecting the hands on the boxers. The most popular modern boxing gloves is Everlast boxing gloves that was introduced in the fighting arena in 1910.

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Different Types of Modern Boxing Gloves

Modern boxing gloves vary in styles and weights to fit a boxer’s needs. These gloves are oftentimes worn over hand wraps to give added protection to the delicate metacarpal bones of the hands.

  • Speed Boxing Gloves: A boxer wear a light vinyl gloves or leather mitten during his speed bag work outs. This particular gloves is called speed boxing gloves which gives protection against scrapes and contusions.

  • Bag gloves: This type, on the other hand is worn during practice on the punching bags. This boxing gloves are worn during training for greater endurance during the actual match.

  • Sparring gloves: These are worn during sparring practices.

  • Heavy weight gloves: These are for amateur and professional fights which ranges from 8 to 10 ounces and dependent on the agreed bout contract.

Before a boxer goes up in the ring, his boxing gloves are laced and seal them with a tape which is signed by a boxing official. This lacing, taping and signing is mandatory to ensure that there is no tampering done by both opponents.

In the amateur boxing bout like the Olympic boxing matches, it is mandatory to wear boxing headgear and boxing gloves. This is to ensure boxer’s safety and to reduce incidents of head injuries.

There are boxers who will only fight if they are allowed to wear their prescribed boxing gloves. Many of these gloves have been part of their winning moments and became as popular as the boxer himself and have turned into a collector’s item.

Boxing Gloves for Women

With the introduction of boxing bout for women, boxing gloves for women are now available.

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  • The same padded and laced materials are found in boxing gloves for women but of course with less weight and padding and are colored pink to distinguish them from the usual boxing globes.

  • These pink boxing gloves for women are available for light practices and are useful for boxing as a form of exercise.

With the mandatory wearing of boxing gloves, the reduction of death and injuries is reported to be very significant. Cuts and eye injuries has been reduced especially by thumbless boxing gloves. However, there is no significant reduction of head injuries but there is a notable low death rate in boxing bouts which is credited to the use of the boxing gloves.

Boxing gloves is the boxer’s shield of protection but also a source of the power within his winning punch.