Bowling invitations are a great way to let friends and family know you are hosting a bowling party. With the popularity and affordable prices of bowling, this century old sport is seeing resurgence around the world. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, getting together with old friends, entertaining the kids or simply looking to get out and have a little, good bowling party invitations are essential to letting everyone know when the event is going to happen and how to join in on the fun.

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Design Tips

There is plenty of bowling invitations designs from which to choose. Whether you are ordering them from an invitation printing service or designing your own, there are a few common designs that are popular. These tips should help you determine the best bowling invitations for your next event.

  • Flyer: If you are inviting as many people as possible, fliers are hard to beat. By posting them on community boards or other public places, you can spread the word about your bowling event quickly and with little cost. This is great for fund raising events, gaining exposure for a local bowling league or simply generating community camaraderie.
  • Single Fold Card: This is your traditional invitation or greeting card. Simply place a bowling related graphic on the front of the card and list your bowling invitations details, such as date, time, venue and costs, on the inside of the card. Including a map to the venue on the back of the card is a great way to ensure that people find your party with ease.
  • Tri-Fold Card: Tri-fold cards are a great way to create bowling invitations with a large quantity of information. This is because they fit well in standard envelopes for easy delivery and tracking. This is great for bowling parties that might have specific requirements, such as fees, equipment or schedules, or other information that will not fit well in a traditional single fold card.

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Invitation Content Designs

Once you have chosen a card style all that is left is designing your card. Many popular desktop publishing and word processing applications include templates to make designing printable bowling invitations a breeze. If you are unsure where to start, these tips will help:

  • Always include the date, time, location and costs within the bowling invitations. This helps to reduce the chances of miscommunication and ensures everyone attending is prepared to have a good time. If head counts are important, be sure to include an RSVP card with the bowling invitations as well.
  • Check the Internet for bowling related graphics. Bowling clip art or graphics are easy to find using your preferred search engine. These items help to add a festive and eye catching appearance to bowling birthday party invitations. Recommendations include bowling pins, bowling balls, bowling trophies, score cards and other bowling related imagery.
  • Choose basic, clean colors to avoid a messy or hard to read invitation. Consider using colored card stock or envelopes to help add visual appeal to your bowling invitations instead of using flashy geometric patterns or other items that could make the invitation hard to read. If you are printing the invitations yourself, this can also cut down on printing expenses.

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By abiding with these design guidelines and having the tips here in mind, you can be assured that your bowling invitations will be more productive in relaying your announcement to your target audience.

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