Bonsai art has been practiced for centuries in Japan, China, Taiwan and other countries of Asia and America. Bonsai art refers to one of the delicate hobbies known over centuries. It is a truly exotic in most western counties, but growing interests among people have made these crafts very popular in almost all parts of the world. Today, the industry has become so widespread that these are taught in official courses in many universities.

History of Bonsai Art

Bonsai art has a history of glory, evaluation and intellectual creativity. The periods and spread can be clearly distinguished in three major parts. These parts are:

  • Invention of Bonsai art in China during Han dynasty
  • Introduction of the art in Japanese art and culture
  • Orientation of Bonsai art in Western world

heaven- made beauty bonsai tree

Originally pronounced as Bon-Sign, the art was first introduced in China, probably during the Han dynasty in 220 B.C. But the first documented evidence of Bonsai was noted from Tang dynasty. In the beginning, Bonsai art was associated with miniature versions of the landscapes rather than a single tree. Later, the art was introduced in Japan and many other parts in Asia. Japanese artists experimented on the subject extensively and came up with different styles and designs. Today, Japanese maple bonsai is considered as one of the most creative art in Bonsai fraternity.

What is Bonsai?

Bonsai refers to a concept of creating miniature objects representing their original structure. Nowadays, the bigger wild trees structured into miniature plants refer to the technology of Bonsai preparation. Proper cutting, planting techniques and maintaining the growth together contribute bonsai art. Specific outdoor and indoor trees are considered ideal choices for this concept. In addition, there are different styles of Bonsai art. These styles are focused on preparing bonsai in different mechanisms. These styles can be listed as, roots, trunks, wiring and pruning.

Uses, Preparation and Care of Bonsai

Bonsai art is mostly associated with hobby, creativity and intellectual thoughts. The art is definitely a good resource in leisure hours for the Bonsai lovers around the world. At the same time, these miniature trees are also considered as exclusive decorative items everywhere. They definitely add extra values to your interior.

Preparing bonsai can be presented in different specific steps. These steps are:

  • Collecting trained bonsai – this preparation is ideal for beginners
  • Collecting wild plants – good for experienced users
  • Air layering
  • Cutting
  • Preparing Bonsai from seeds
  • Grafting

Taking care of Bonsai also consists of several specific steps, namely:

  • Repotting
  • maintaining and preparing bonsai soil
  • preparing bonsai container
  • choosing idea location
  • proper watering plans
  • feeding and preventing diseases and infections in plants
  • use of bonsai tools for specific maintenance operation

outrageous charm bonsai art

The art has become widely popular around the world. People are highly interested into these exclusive natural crafts. But preparing these miniature plants isn’t very easy. You must have extensive knowledge about preparing the plants properly. You have to select the right tools and components for better results. You have to learn more about the procedures for preparing high quality and long-lasting Bonsais. Research carefully, choose the materials carefully and take utmost care of the plants.

If you are a bonsai-admirer, you can also learn the techniques and prepare your own stuffs. Take time to do extensive researches on Bonsais, the popular styles and technical issues. You should have sufficient knowledge on the tools and accessories to prepare a high quality Bonsai art for home.