There is a theory that lectins, which are proteins present in the foods we ingest, affect the red blood cells in our body and this is where the blood type diet formulated is based. When lectins bind or agglutinate themselves with red blood cells, the blood may clump up causing all kinds of illnesses. Thus, in order to avoid sickness and to promote overall health, one should only eat foods that are compatible with his or her own blood type. In general, the diet is classified into four categories namely, A, B, AB and O corresponding to the different blood types. A blood type diet food list is associated with each category to optimize health and to aid in weight loss.

blood type diet and food recipes

Of all the blood type diet categories, “O” is considered to be the oldest. “A” and “B” are believed to have evolved from the “O” type and “AB” developing from “A” and “B”. The food requirement of an “O” type person needs to have high protein content from foods that are based on meat. If you are an “A” type, you should be a vegetarian while those who belong to the “B” category should eat a food variety that is composed of vegetables, dairy products, meat and grains. For people who belong to the “AB” category, they should content themselves with a combination of foods eaten by blood type “A” and “B” persons such as fish, meat and vegetables, with dairy products every now and then.

blood type O diet chart

If your purpose for subsisting on blood type diet recipes is for weight loss, you will have to deal with a more specific food list. The particular foods that you need to eat are listed in the blood type diet chart, but if you do not have the time or inclination to search for the chart, here are the food items you must consider.

blood type diet and lifestyle choices

For “A” category weight loss, you need to have vegetables, soy foods, pineapple and vegetable oil. For “B” type persons, the blood type diet lists eggs, venison, tea, liver, licorice and greens as foods that are good for losing weight. Type “AB” persons on the other hand can dine on greens, seafood, dairy products, tofu, pineapple and kelp in order to achieve weight loss. For the oldest category, which is “O” you need to subsist on kale, broccoli, seafood, liver, wheat, spinach, sprouts, red meat, kelp and salt. Take note that in following this diet plan, there are certain foods that should be avoided by each blood type.

blood type diet categorized food list

In following the blood type diet, it is important to realize that each blood group also have specific diseases that can be avoided through the eating plan. For a blood type “A” person, the risk of getting liver and heart diseases, cancer, type 1 diabetes and anemia is reduced. For “B” type persons, there is a big possibility that they can avoid getting type 1 diabetes, lupus, Lou Gehrig’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and lupus. If your blood type is “AB”, you will have a decreased risk for cancer, heart disease and anemia while a blood type “O” person will have reduced risk of arthritis, blood clot, hypothyroidism, asthma and ulcers by following the blood type diet.