Billabong board shorts provide a lightweight and comfortable feel for any activity involving the water. With their knee-length design, bold and colorful prints, high-quality stitching, and durability; they provide the perfect swimwear for a day on the sand or in the surf. Whether you are looking for an affordable pair for casual use, professional surfing, or something for wakeboarding attire, there are perfect choices for anyone in the Billabong board shorts women, mens and kids lines.

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With the quick movement and thinking needed for surfing, wakeboarding, water skiing and many other waterfront recreational activities, it is important to have swimwear, like Billabong board shorts that is comfortable and does not impair your range of motion or reaction times. When a few seconds are all that stands between shooting the tube and being upside down in the churning surf, the little things can make the most difference. As a leading provider of recreational and professional board shorts, Billabong board shorts provide all the comfort you are looking for with the durability and fit required by these activities.

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With a full selection of styles and designs released every season, there is no shortage of options when picking the perfect Billabong board shorts. For the frugal surfer, these frequent style changes can add up to significant savings as the new models are released, and the older models filter their way into a local Billabong board shorts sale. Whether you are shopping at your local surf shop, clothing retailer or online is it easy to find the latest Billabong board shorts in a variety of sizes. When searching for the latest bargains, there are online retailers that sell cheap Billabong board shorts as well as Billabong outlet stores.

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When choosing a pair of board shorts, ensure they are tight enough on the waist to stay secure without limiting movement or causing discomfort. While you want to keep your range of motion as free as possible, nothing is more embarrassing than having a wave sending you spiraling in one direction while taking your board shorts in another. By combining fastening methods such as elastic, tie strings and Velcro you can find a pair of Billabong board shorts with a perfect fit that will provide both comfort and security while catching a wave.

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Whether you are looking for the classic and simple styling of the Occy Elastic or Scrub designs or the bold and flashy styles of the Big Shot or Surf Rat designs, there is a color palette and design of Billabong board shorts to fit nearly any taste. With their range of styles, durable materials and comfortable fit it is easy to see why surfing superstars like Granger Larsen and Sterling Spencer choose Billabong board shorts for their professional and everyday surfing attire. Best of all, after a day on the waves, board shorts transition perfectly to a sunset bonfire or barbecue. This is part of what has kept board shorts on the top of beachwear sales charts for decades.