Created by one of the designers included in Fashion Walk of Fame, Betsey Johnson is a renowned American fashion designer that has designed and created whimsical and feminine creations for the modern-day woman. Though her designs are exaggerated and are somewhat extravagantly embellished; these characteristics are the ingredients that have made her creations well-loved. Dresses, apparels, jewelry, intimates, accessories, shoes and bags; Betsey Johnson has a wide array of selection for the playful, quirky female! But that doesn’t end there, for Betsey Johnson is also the known manufacturer of one of the renowned perfumes that is loved by a lot of girls— the playful and sweet-smelling Betsey Johnson perfume.

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The much-loved and original Betsey Johnson boutique perfume is the first fragrance that was introduced under the Betsey Johnson fragrance line. With its packaging alone, it is sure to catch the curiosity and interest of onlookers. Unlike typical bottle designs like that of Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein and more; this perfume comes in a miniature bottle with a quirky and eye-catching top, that will make you want to keep the bottle even when it is already empty.

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The bottle alone definitely spells fun and eccentricity! It is designed with a fun twist that very much embodies what Betsey Johnson’s creations are all about. Betsey Johnson perfume is created with notes of different fruits and blossoms mixed together to create a scent so captivating and alluring. Made of sweet Mandarin, pear, tangerine, grapefruit, freesia, red apple, lily of the valley, and black currant; it has a fruity smell that you would surely love and want Not only that, it is also mixed with bits of cedar wood, sandalwood, amber, and praline that is responsible for its musky scent, which is reminiscent of woody trees. However, this much-loved Betsey Johnson’s boutique perfume was discontinued and was replaced by Betsey Johnson’s Vintage Betsey, a classic twist of the original Betsey Johnson perfume from the 80’s.

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The all-new fragrance of Betsey Johnson is part of the best-selling Betsey Johnson perfume set. This set includes a 50-ml Betsey Johnson Vintage Betsey, a 20-ml Purse Spray, and a matching body lotion. All these products come with elegantly-designed bottles that carry the infamous kiss mark, which is known in almost all of Betsey Johnson’s products. The fragrance is characterized with hints of sheer vanilla that is sure to catch the attention of anyone around you. Based on Betsey Johnson perfume review and feedbacks, most consumers loved the first fragrance better than the second one. You can read online to know more about what these Betsey Johnson perfume users have to say about the change.

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If you want to know where to buy Betsey Johnson perfume, you can easily buy one in retail stores near you. You also have the option of buying it online where several online vendors offer you discounted prices for it. So, what are you waiting for? Be like Carrie Bradshaw and don the infamous Betsey Johnson perfume playful scent!