It’s common knowledge that some of the Canon printer models are ones that generate photo-quality prints. However, what’s not common knowledge is that most of the best Canon printer models are not the ones that just print in photo quality. They do their job well, while giving you unmatched value – and how that is, is what we will try to find out and make known.

What Canon Printers Do Best

Well, if you look at the wide variety of Canon printer models, you’ll see but one common trait, which is cost efficiency, through and through. From an affordable cost to low maintenance and operational costs, even the best Canon printer models are not necessarily their top-of-the-line or flagship printers. They are the more regular and most popular models.

worlds bestselling canon printer

·        The Canon Printer MF4370DN

Take the MF4370DN all-in-one laser printer among the Canon printer models. The price tag of $209.99 and $249.99, depending on the retailer, this is by and large one of the most affordable all-in-one options that Canon has to offer.

  • What It Can Do:

The Canon ImageCLASS MF4370DN is an all-in-one printer, meaning, you can print your documents including photographs and images, scan documents to files, as well as use it as a copier. No, that’s not all. You can also receive faxes on this unique machine.

1.)  Speed:

With a speed of 26 ppm, for both printing as well as copying, it is one of the fastest laser printers available, and arguably one of the most inexpensive laser printer that does it all, scan, copy as well as fax. This speed is also enhanced by the fact that the MF4370DN is high on memory. It stores up to 256 pages of faxes that you can print anytime!

2.)  Size:

Additional benefits of the MF4370DN include the fact that it is compact, fitting into any office or home premises that is space starved or otherwise, allowing you the flexibility of space and with no need for a dedicated desk to mount your printer upon. Furthermore, this printer is network-ready, meaning, you could plug a network cable into it and print from just about any network location as long as it is authorized and connected.

3.)  Nature:

As with any environment friendly manufacturer, Canon has also built in an energy-saving mode into this mean machine that lets you be eco-friendly as well as wallet heavy at the end of the day.

Want to know the best part? This is not one of the only Canon printers that let you do all of it. Canon offers some of the widest range of printers that offer space, resource, power, as well as cost economy.

top rated canon MF4370DN printer

·        Canon Support

If you are among those who have a printer but have never had printer trouble, you could count yourself amongst the 100th percentile of printer users because the rest usually have issues at least at some point of time during the printer lifecycle. Canon printer support is what comes in quite handy because:

1.)    The drivers, if you ever need to reinstall them, are easily available.

2.)    Troubleshooting steps are also commonly available and even the uncommon issues are covered by enthusiasts as well as patrons who have used Canon printers.

3.)    Canon printer support offers you an exhaustive documentation of known issues, as well as frequently asked questions, email support for those who would rather ask a question, and a toll free telephonic support as well for those would rather not wait – and this is available from Monday through Friday, from 8 AM through 8 PM.

All in all, and all in one, Canon makes for one of the most simple and efficient choices for your printing needs.