There are many different types of indoor lighting fixtures on the market these days. Over the years, a number of lighting solutions have been introduced with more creative and bolder designs. Some of the popular fixtures are the wall sconces, recessed, chandeliers, pendants and track lighting. Read on to find out more about the types of lighting that you can use indoors.

decorative indoor lights designs

Unique Types Of Indoor Lighting Fixtures

For modern indoor lighting ideas, you can find the ideal solution if you are looking at top brands such as Savoy House Lighting. This way, you can choose from exceptional choices, which include recessed lighting, flush mounts, foyer and island lighting, decorative lighting and much more.

·        Recessed Lights

These fixtures are also called pot or canister lights. These solutions have two parts, the housing unit and the trim, which is embedded directly into the ceiling. The trim is the section that is visible when you look up, whilst the housing unit holds the lamp that is embedded into the ceiling. You can use these lights like a floodlight to illuminate wide areas or maybe like a spotlight.

·        Wall Sconces

As you can imagine, these decorative indoor lights will be mounted on the wall. Based on the shades, the lights can be directed downwards or upwards. In most cases, wall sconces are used to light up the vanity mirror in bathrooms, but you can also install them in dark hallways.

·        Pendants and Chandeliers

These fixtures are generally installed to hang from the ceiling. The pendant lights are usually smaller in size so you would just get a set of fixtures to install in nooks and corners. On the other hand, chandeliers have several branches with multiple light sets so they are often installed in the center of the kitchen and dining room. When you choose these types of indoor lighting fixtures, you can find innovative designs that can complement any home décor.

modern types of indoor lighting fixtures

·        Track Lights

If you choose these lights, you will get several sets that can be installed easily in the ceiling in any position. With a unique design, you can direct one of the beams for task lighting and use the rest for accent lighting.

·        Motion Sensor Lights

Today, these fixtures are also used indoors to light up dark stairways, corridors and hallways because they are more convenient and economical. Generally, the lights designed for walls, ceilings and outdoors will have distinct features because of the complexities in technology and design. Besides using these lights for security, you could end spending less for utility because these fixtures are efficient energy-savers.

Overall, there are many types of indoor lighting fixtures that can satisfy all your requirements. So, you can invest in designer contemporary and functional lighting fixtures when you want to brighten up any room at home. If you decide to use Savoy House Lighting fixtures, then you are guaranteed to get solutions that can last for many years. What’s more, you can choose from a wide selection of styles like European lighting and still get high-quality fixtures without spending a fortune.