When it comes to getting a tan, you want to find the best tanning lotion. Maybe you want to get some indoor tanning action, so you need to know the best sunless tanning lotion, or maybe you burn easily and need to find the best tanning lotion for fair skin.

So, what is the best tanning lotion in these situations? Did you know that there is a difference in the kind of tanning lotion that is used on the beach and the kind of tanning lotion that is used indoors? The best tanning lotion you use at the beach would have to have at least 30SPF of sunblocking protection if you don’t want to get a sun burn.

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But, if you get that tan indoors with a tanning bed or tanning light, then the best tanning lotion for that scenario needs to be made with a different formula for best results. You don’t have to be under an indoor tanning light for as long as you would be outside, you won’t need such as strong SPF value.

This is true because a tanning booth is more controlled and you can set the exact level of sun light. Instead, the best tanning lotion used for indoor tanning is more scientific and you can set the level of the UV rays and then use a lower SPF lotion level as well. You can get that bronze look in only about a half hour instead of hours in the sun outside.

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You also need to take into consideration that the best tanning lotion shouldn’t be sticky and oily on your skin. If you plan on getting your tan indoors, you want to use a non sticky tanning formula. If you don’t, it will get all over the tanning bed and be a real mess to clean up. You should instead use those types of tanning lotions made for outdoor tanning as they are the best tanning lotion for that outside environment.

All in all, it’s important to make the tanning lotion you use fit the place where you are getting a tan. So, be sure to use the best tanning lotion for the job for the best results. If you follow these suggestions, then you will get the perfect tan no matter if you prefer to lie under the real sun or to get that tan under a tanning light at the tanning salon.