There are so many different colors of lipsticks that a woman can wear and this depends on their taste. They say that having the best lipstick on your lips wraps up your outfit well. However this seems to be changing how women view lipsticks. There are different colors that the best lipstick can have. Orange is a good color to go with. This may be because an orange lipstick can always make you stand out.

Tips For Finding The Best Long Lasting Lipstick

Below are some outfits that can match well with your best orange lipstick:

  • Summer Sundress
  • Flashy Vegas Dress
  • Orange Bridesmaid Dress


Top Lipstick Brands

Lipsticks are becoming an integral part of your whole outfits. It is always important that you choose the best lipstick for your lips since they give your face different expression and hence should be made to look nice and cute. Below are world’s top lipstick brands as voted for by users in their reviews:

  • MAC is one of best lipstick collection based on color and finishes. This brand has a wide array of selections so you can always choose the one that suits your skin tone.
  • Lancôme is another popular brand that has a huge collection of shades and finishes. This is the brand, which celebrities mostly endorsed.
  • Dior is considered an expensive brand of lipstick. In fact, it is referred to as a luxury brand by many users and it is a very popular brand because of its quality and classic shades.
  • Estee Lauder is famous because of its long lasting colors. This product boasts of being more into purity luxury and emotional colors.


Tips For Finding The Best Long Wearing Lipstick

  • Make up Forever is one brand that will surely attract you. This lipstick is reformulated and has colors of which if you get to follow application rules properly, you surely will get good results.
  • Yves Saint Laurent is among the best long wearing lipstick brand that comes in a variety of 18 shades. It has a delightful feeling to users because of its creamy texture when it is in contact with your lips as well as its formulation, which makes it a brand to look forward to wearing.

Another best long lasting lipstick is Guerlain. Others include Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Nars to name a few. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab your best lipstick choice now!