With the technology of today and the use of the internet, people just don’t write like they used to. Yet whether it’s signing your name or penning a beautiful letter to a loved one wouldn’t you want to be using your best fountain pen? One would come to thinking whether the best fountain pen is a general decision made by a majority of people or is it only specific to the one person using it. If you are someone that writes often, then you would be looking for fountain pens that write well. You would be looking for the pen that improves your penmanship. You would also be looking for long-lasting fountain pens.

writer'c choice foountain pen

In contrast, there are many people that are not very particular about the kind of pen they use, and for them the best fountain pen would be simply anything that works. Now if you have ever used a fountain pen you realize there is no comparison with any other ordinary pens. The fluidity of the ink makes whatever is written smooth and elegant. So what would be the best types of fountain pens to purchase? Much of this will depend on how you use a pen. Much of it is about the feel and the touch to the user. For anyone who uses pens often they will tell you it is so important to find a pen that is comfortable to use. Even though there are many companies that will boast that they have the best fountain pen, they very well might, yet is it the right one for everyone?

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This would probably be why there is such a wide assortment of pens out there for consumers. One of the reasons would be that everyone is different and therefore everyone’s choice of pen would be as well. For example, someone with a larger hand would hold a pen much different than someone with a small hand. Much would depend on the grip as well, someone with a tight grip may press harder on a pen and require a fine tip, and where as someone with a soft grip would need a broader tip. Typically, there is also a difference between how a man and a woman would use a pen and write with it. You will pay a little more for a fountain pen than you will for a ball point pen. Yet if you have ever used a fountain pen you will not mind paying a little more because it’s definitely worth it.