Who said that men don’t care much enough on their looks compared to women? Men nowadays are as conscious as women when it comes to hairstyles, shoes and clothes. During special occasions and big events, men also hanker after standing out among the crowd. The best formal wear for men comes in a wide array of style and color. Most men had always been conscious on their image that they don’t really show their interest on fashion but the truth is they really do care about it.

Most men own a formal wear in their closet and a tuxedo is surely something men have possession of. Tuxedos, although not trendy, but had been worn by men for how many decades already and can be considered as one of the best formal wear for men. A tuxedo’s satin trimmings make it different compared to a suit. However, suits are simpler than tuxedos and its simplicity makes it more elegant and sophisticated. Zegna suits reputation in producing fine and best quality suits in fashion industry makes them the preferred choice by most men nowadays. Best formal wear for men comes in different types, and for sure, these types of formal wear will stand out during that big event coming his way.

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Tips and List of the Best Formal Wear for Men:

  • The White Diner Jacket– although it is called white, it’s actually an ivory colored jacket. White diner jacket paired with tux pants looks more chic and elegant. But be careful, choose a white diner jacket that is clean. It means no flaps, no breast pocket, one covered button and will definitely look great on men. You can try a white shirt, midnight blue trousers and a black grosgrain bowtie and your white diner jacket on, it will definitely look good on you specially if worn during winter.
  • The Midnight Shawl Tuxedo– black tie events are once in a lifetime event when men look at their best. And normally, everyone wears a black tuxedo. The midnight shawl tuxedo is a fine way to stand out from the rest and is actually the best option because midnight blue looks richer and darker if hit by the evening light.
  • Accessories should contrast and vary depending if you are wearing a tuxedo or a suit. Vest, pocket squares, bow ties and cummerbunds are mostly made in satin and are worn with a tuxedo, but will not work in suits.
  • Shoe is one of the most important things to consider that will finish the best formalwear for men. Matte finish and a more subtle type of shoes are best for suits and formal shoes made in patent leather are for tuxedos.

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The best formalwear for men depends on the confidence of the wearer. Confidence is what finishes your ensemble. As a man, your idea of fashion is always different from some else’s scheme although all people vary, but your confidence will boost and heighten your style. It doesn’t mean that men dressing fashionably means being less masculine, or is just a waste of money and time because there is nothing that can beat the idea that looking good will make you feel better as well and that feeling is priceless when people turn their head on you while you walk pass them.