Ever since men started shaving, they have constantly been trying to upgrade the existing methods and come up with newer and more comfortable methods for a better and smoother shaving experience. Now with the advent of widely available electricity and compressed electronic circuits, also comes the advent of the best electric shaver. Although the conventional razor blades and razor shaving sticks are more popularly used, the electric shavers are finding more and more takers every passing day. This growing popularity can be attributed to the fact that these electric shavers are easier to use, and can be used anywhere and in any condition and the risk of cuts and abrasions are greatly reduced. Electric shavers do not require shaving cream either. These shavers have blades, which oscillate or rotate and thus cut through the hair to be shaved.

best electric shaver braun series

The first electric shaver was used way back in 1928 and since then various upgraded shavers have been launched in the markets worldwide. The most consistent and efficient shave can be achieved by the rotator shavers as they rid shaved hair up to the skin level. The early produced electric shavers could be used only in dry conditions but the upgraded models can be used in wet conditions as well.

The best electric shaver gives you a smooth shave and a perfect finish to give a smooth and suave look. But the present competition in the market for every product is fierce and to be the best electric shaver or the best in anything the product has to be something special, a cut above the rest. When the discussion is about the best electric shaver, it literally has to be a cut above the rest. Almost all the electric shavers are marketed with features such easy use and clean after use, automatic adjustment to facial contours, multiple length attachments, etc being highlighted. But that is simply not enough for customers to rate it as the best electric shaver.

electric shaver best for sensitive skin

Other features you would desire from a shaver to rate it as the best electric shaver would be like the best electric shaver for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, when the shaver lifts hair to shave it, it hurts. So a good electric shaver should gentle enough to shave hair off sensitive skin too. The better companies which manufacture electric shavers incorporate this feature in their products too.

The modern man has evolved and gives considerable importance to their looks. Everything that they use and wear has to be stylish and in sync with the current trends. Hair care is no different. Men today grow beards, stubbles, french beards or are clean shaven depending on their individual taste. A lot of men grow stubbles and the electric shavers cater to this need of men as well. An electric shaver which is gentle on the skin, adjusts to facial contours well and is precise is the best electric shaver for stubble. These features should be present in a shaver for well finished and good looking stubble.

So, the next time you think of a getting a shave, look out for these features and get the best electric shaver for yourself and get the cleanest shave with perfect looking skin.