Since most domestic burglaries are committed by breaking down door locks, it is paramount that when building a house only the best door safety lock should be used. This will not only improve the security of the house but that of one’s family and personal property. There is a wide variety of door locks currently available on the market and which are made using high quality materials that ensure their durability and high performance. The key is choosing a lock that will suit one’s individual needs.

Get The Best Door Safety Lock

Features to Look For When Buying

To be considered a best door safety lock, some features cannot be overlooked. These include a lock that cannot have its keys easily duplicated, one that contains anti-saw pins denoting its inability to be sawed off by burglars, locks that incorporate an anti-drill feature that makes it virtually impossible to drill as they are made of hardened steel chips and locks that have a bolt-assembly protector that prevent them from being manipulated by lock picks. Burglars have been known to mostly enter houses by breaking down doors thus one should select a lock that will provide impact resistance.

The Best Door Safety Lock

Taking into account the foregoing, a Deadbolt type door lock mounted on the door frame that extends in to the door strike is an example of a best door safety lock. This increases the lock’s overall strength and it is also recommended by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) that measures the security and durability of door locks. Other recommended locks include the Chubb 3g 114 which is a 5 lever lock that contains 5 anti-pick levers and contains hard plates that make drilling almost impossible. This safety makes it a favorite and it can also fit on all doors. There is also the Walsall Detainer that is impossible to pry open no matter the amount of destructive force used.

Other Uses Safety Locks

 A best door safety lock is not only meant as a deterrent for burglars but can also help to keep toddlers safe as a result of the inevitable curiosity that children are often wont to have. Locks designed to cater for such needs include the Tot-Lok which is a magnetic key system which enables all locks to be opened using a single magnetic key. This lock is easy to conceal and can be moved or removed when necessary. There is also the Sliding door latch that prevents children from opening the doors to balconies or patios hence preventing falls. This lock goes well with a variety of materials such as glass, wood etc. One can also install a wireless door alarm that does not involve the use of tools that goes off whenever a door is open thus alerting the parents.

Simple Office Door Designs

Complementing Door Locks

Office door designs complement door locks thus equipping the door with a neat, contemporary look that goes a long way in elevating professionalism and efficiency. These signs can range from name plates and way finding signs with each being capable of being individually customized. For example, one can have an engraved sign on the front door that can be done in virtually any color and preferably one that matches the door lock that has been installed. There can also be personalized texts for names such as the family name informing everyone who resides in a particular place. Office door signs can thus give a door a consistent look aided by standardized designs.

 It is important to carefully weigh your options whilst choosing a best door safety lock option as there are numerous locks in the market that do not deliver on what they promise. As relates to the office environment, professionalism is critical in attracting clients and thus custom office door signs need to convey not only what the business is all about but to further elevate its status.