If its winter time and you start noticing the falling temperatures, it is time to get cozy and warm with protective clothing and glove liners. Such liners are made of fleecy material with Lycra in places where they are required. The liners allow you to retain more body heat, which act like a shield, protecting your body from the chill outside. To make it more comfortable, heated glove liners began coming out in the market, which are using battery heated technology. They are very convenient to use and are not that expensive. The heat that is generated by the battery is enough to keep you comfortable for several hours.

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Definition Of Glove Liners

A glove liner is a kind of supple and thin glove that is worn beneath regular gloves. They can be made to give an additional protection layer against injury, to increase warmth and absorb sweat. There are glove liners that were designed to give extra padding, which protect against bruising and cushion the hands. If the liners were designed for oven and fireplace gloves, they are intended to provide additional protection against heat. There is even a patented design that claims to provide protection against cuts.

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Most glove liners in the market were designed to give additional warmth and are made from insulating materials such as thermalite polyester. However there are also cotton glove liners and silk glove liners that are available on the market. Some liners can be worn by themselves if the temperature is moderate. Glove liner materials though tend to be slippery so if you are going to use them for driving, choose a design that is incorporated with palm grips.

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How To Choose Glove Liners

In choosing the best glove liners for you, your main consideration should be the fit. Your fingers must be a bit shorter than the fingers of the liner. In addition, the material must not stretch tightly across the back or palm of your hand when you wear the glove liner. However, you have to ensure that it fits snugly, with all the skin on your hands in contact with the liner.

If you tend to develop cold hands in winter, glove liners must always be a part of your gear. If the glove liner is meant to provide additional warmth, there are several kinds that are available:

  • Glove Liners With Heat Pack – these liners have pockets located at the back, which hold the heat pack. The pack is preheated and will not be warm for an indefinite period of time. However, it retains warmth long enough for you to be comfortable.
  • Glove Liners With Battery – these are typically made with a heating material that contains soft carbon microfibers. The battery can usually be found on the wrist.
  • Glove Liners That Use Car Battery – these liners are not the best choice if you want something that is portable, since you have to plug them into your vehicle. However, such glove liners are very warm, making them ideal for weather conditions that are extremely cold.

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Other types of glove liners are also available from other manufacturers and they have various features that may not be listed here.