Bench scales are among the special kinds of weighing platforms that were made with advanced technology specifically designed for excellent static overload protection. Industrial bench scales are among the most commonly used at present and can weigh objects ranging from ten pounds to 150 pounds in weight. Lighter scales that were designed to weigh objects that are less than ten pounds have more sensitivity, allowing them to display resolutions of .001 pounds. Because of the accuracy of the bench scale, it is perfectly suited for business customers and clients all over the planet.

portable bench scales

Most manufacturers of bench scales produce them according to the particular requirements of their clients. There are cases where a buyer may end up paying more for features that are not necessary, because the use of the additional features is not known. To prevent this, you should consider some common factors when you are in the market for a bench scale.

The first thing you should consider is the bench size. It is essential that you know of the shape and kind of equipment and other objects that you are going to weigh on the bench. Once you have decided on the bench size, you should then turn your attention to its capacity. The minimum and maximum requirements that you need for electronic bench scales should be considered carefully so that you will not end up buying a scale that is not too sensitive for your requirements.

advanced digital bench scales

The accuracy of bench scales is their defining value so you should never compromise on this. The level of accuracy that the scale is capable of, down to the last decimal, is vital when you weigh objects according to the requirements of ISO or safety standards followed in the food and chemical industry. Accuracy is also important when weighing is related to profit making such as in the cargo industry, courier services and trading.

stainless industrial bench scales

Durability is likewise important, especially with digital bench scales, which require that they are free from dust and pollutants, in order to maintain their sensitivity. A big problem for bench scales is rust so choose scales that have been sprayed with zinc to galvanize them or painted to avoid corrosion. Accuracy can also be maintained better if the scale is incorporated with a sealed platform and display, and constructed out of stainless steel.

Quality manufactures know that accurate results are directly affected by the electronic weighing sensors that are on the digital scales. Their accuracy should allow them to turn out precise results in a wide temperature range. The sturdiness of the scale in turn is important because it is constantly exposed to regular heavy loading and unloading, changes in pressure and temperature, climatic exposure and turbulent environment.

accuracy guaranteed electronic bench scales

For best results, choose bench scale models that have been incorporated with electronic sensors, which are designed to detect the best scale temperatures. This will allow temperature changes to be compensated in adjusting the scale output. Keeping these factors in mind will allow you to make a wise decision in selecting the best bench scales for your company or business.