5 Unique Nail Polish Colors for Young Women and Teens

The fashion gurus seem to come up with new colors for nail polish every year.  Actually, make that every season now.  Are you updated with the latest in nail polish colors? Reading articles about the fashion shows in New York and Paris can be great fun and it is a super way to learn what the 5 unique nail polish colors are for this season.  This is one of the first years they seem to be covering the nail polish worn in such detail.  There were certainly some interesting colors and combinations of colors.

 There are a number of looks that are popular this season, including a nude look and a strange take on the French manicure.  Actually, the French manicure looks rather fun.  You use a lighter color for the base of your nail, and then the part that is usually painted white, you paint some other bright shade like red.  It is very unique, and should attract younger women and teenagers.

purple opi silver glitter nail polish design

The 5 Unique Nail Polish Colors

Here are suggestions of 5 unique nail polish colors that seem to be popular with the teenagers, some are old standbys and some are a little more unique.

  • The first is the old stand by red.  This is still very popular with many age groups of women.  Be sure if you are thinking of wearing red or any other deep color, you use a good solid base code.  Otherwise, your nails may stain.  The most popular shade of red seems to be a blue red as opposed to an orange red.
  • Another group of popular colors are the metallic shades again.  These are great fun.  The green and blue are solid sellers as are some of the more unusual yellows and reds.  The sheen of these colors definitely makes a statement.
  • Pinks still feature with many teens.  As these colors can range from baby pink, to deep rose, and fuchsia there is lots from which to choose.  These colors are nice, because you can more easily match them to lipsticks.
  • A popular color is the Chanel holographic nail polish.  This is rather expensive and may not be available everywhere but most young women love it.  You can always purchase it online if it is not available at a store near you.  It comes with a special undercoat that helps it to adhere to the nail.  Make sure you add a top coat as the holographic nail polish does tend to wear off rather quickly.
  • The final of the 5 unique nail polish colors to discuss is an old standby, black.  This is not just worn by girls into the “Goth” look.  It is also popular with other groups.  Again, remember that it can stain your nails if you do not wear a good base coat.

lovely light pink nail polish design

There are just some of the popular colors worn by teenagers.  Sad to say, some schools make life difficult for teens as they just hate the dark reds, metallic and blacks colors and will not allow students to wear these.  This is hard on the teens as this time of their lives is when they should be allowed to experiment with colors and fashions.  If you cannot wear these colors at school, then you should be able to experiment with the 5 unique nail polish colors and styles on the weekend.  Have fun mixing and matching.

Chemical Free Nail Polish: Heal And Beauty Blended In One

What constitutes a nail polish that is chemical free? Chemical free nail polish is calling the attention of women today to take care of themselves despite all the things they need to do in life. Healthy is the new tag of sexy. Because of this, manufacturers are going organic to help their consumers maintain natural smoothness of their skin and its derivatives like hair and nails. No wonder, consumers are becoming conscious also in maintaining holistic beauty.

What Is Chemical Free Nail Polish

Typically, nail polish is defined as a refined version of car paints or house paints. Manufacturers just revised the content of the lacquer to keep the human finger nails from becoming brittle to its reaction. Most nail polish is made of nitrocellulose which is dissolved in either butyl acetate or ethyl acetate. These substances act as solvent for the coloring ingredient. Some makers include toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde in their products. These substances are highly toxic and are labeled as “the toxic trio”. You cannot immediately feel the difference when you have these in your nails. The manifestation is subtle but can build over time. Choosing the right nail polish like formaldehyde free nail polish can prolong and even, save your life.

best vegan chemical and cruelty free nail polish


Working in a nail salon is like working in a paint factory. You can inhale a lot of toxic chemicals that are very detrimental to your body. Good thing, natural or organic nail polishes are available to save lives. Here are beautiful reasons why you should buy organic nail polish, instead:

  • Toxic free nail polish keeps you away from chronic diseases like cancer, asthma, and reproductive problems. Especially of you are an owner of a nail spa, the health of your workers are your concern when they are working under your roof.
  • It does not produce strong smell. The safest nail polish, so far, are those that are water-based. It produces only very light smell because it contains only acrylic polymer and colorings dissolved in water.
  • Safe for kids. Kids can be as conscious as grownups with their appearance. They like to try on things that Mom use. Natural nail polish assures you of their nail safety from “the toxic trio”.
  • Water based nail polish lasts longer even when you go swimming with it. It stays in place and never gets chapped after a day in the water ends.

What To Look For When Buying

Do not be easily swayed when you read the word “safe” and “natural on the label. You have to look over the ingredients if the deadly trio is present. The Compact for Safe Cosmetics have several companies who promised to keep their products safe for their consumer. You can go over their website to check who these companies are and keep yourself safe.

Reliable Brands

To keep safe from toxic nail polish, here are the reliable water-based brands in the market:

cheap toxic free nail polish

Safety should come first before trying to be beautiful. Campaigns for organic and natural are elevated to keep consumers away from diseases. You can support this campaign by using chemical free nail polish as your first step to a healthy and beautiful you.

Matte Nail Polish: Stay Pretty In Simple Flat Colors

What differentiates matte polishes? Matte nail polish is one of the best types of nail polish available in the market. It gives bright and distinct colors to your finger nails. There are a lot of colors available on which you can choose from. Usually, your type of personality determines the color that you will repeatedly wear from time to time.


Matte nail polish gives a flat finish on your nails. Unlike glossy finish, it does not glitter under the light. The texture is strong and robust. Especially, if you will use matte black nail polish, it gives you a rocker look. Clear matte nail polish strengthens your nails and makes your nail polish last long. You can use this over French tips when matte and glossy nail polish are combined.

Typically, matte nail polish top coat is applied over the dried nail polish to achieve a smoother look. You can even apply this on top of glossy nail polish to flatten any rough surfaces. Another way which you can use this amazing thing is in applying nail art or design. The top coat locks up the graphic design on top of your nail polish. This will also keep the design in places.

outstanding DIY black matte nail polish

Distinct Characteristic Of Matte

If you want to know about nail polish 101, you have to know the different kinds that are available in the market today. Matte is a like a flat paint with no glossy finish. It dries up faster than other types. However, you have to stop using hand lotion first because if weakens the matte coat and can chap your nail polish prematurely.

Other types of nail polish are:

DIY Nail Polish

If you want to save on a nail professional service, here are nine easy steps on applying nail polish:

  • Choose your favorite color. If you are a newbie, trying your favorite color is the best first-time experience. Later on, when you know about the harmony of skin tone and color, you might as well try other colors that compliment you best.
  • Now, paint your nails with the available brush provided. Go over your nails and do not worry if it gets over your cuticles. A thin film of nail polish is just right as a first coating.
  • After having the fist coat, wait for it to dry. This takes three minutes on the usual pace.
  • Then, using the same color, paint your nails with a second coat. Dry.
  • When the polish is completely dry, apply the top coat to smoothen the bumps. You will be amazed of how it magically smoothen your nails.
  • Prepare warm water and soft soap.
  • Massage the soap on your hands. You may use old cloth to sponge off excess polish over your cuticles.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • Wipe your hands dry and show off you masterpiece.

simple plain DIY matte nail polish

You deserve to have lovely hands especially if you work so hard for yourself and your family. A dash of color on your finger nails can make you interesting. Matte nail polish offers colorful choices to match your interesting personality.

Advantages Of Chanel Holographic Nail Polish

Do you know what a holographic nail polish is? Chanel holographic nail polish is manufactured by the world renowned Chanel Company that was started by the revolutionary Coco Chanel whose exciting new clothing designs changed designer fashions forever. With the success of their clothing line, the Chanel Company turned their dedication to create inspiring cosmetics for women and have now become known for their high end cosmetic line as well as their fashion. Chanel Holographic nail polish nail polish has been a huge hit since it was first introduced, and their new holographic nail polish has been well received and much sought after.

Chanel Holographic nail polish

Chanel Holographic Nail Polish Overview

Chanel holographic nail polish is different from other nail polishes even those that contain glitter or other sparkling bits, in that this nail polish actually changes color when hit by direct sunlight. This makes this special type of nail cover both fun and fashionable. It seems that almost everyone who tries this Chanel holographic nail polish finds themselves awed by this latest fashion in the cosmetic industry.

Advantages of Chanel Holographic Nail Polish

Chanel Holographic nail polish offers a few advantages to those women who love looking their best and creating their own fashion statement. Here are just a few of the advantages these nail lacquers offer.

Stunning chanel holographic black nail polish

  • Draws Attention To Beautiful Hands And Manicured Nails. Let’s face it women spend a lot of money to have their nails manicured and they want people to notice just how good their hands and nails look. What could be better than nails that shimmer, glimmer and change color to bring your nails the attention they deserve.
  • Long Lasting. Because this a nail lacquer, it lasts longer than those cheaper polishes which means that in most cases you can enjoy this nail cover all day and all night without worrying about it chipping or flaking.
  • Fun And Inspirational. Holographic polish is both fun and inspirational, allowing women to feel as though they are trendy while still having their own style. The halo effect of this polish always keeps things fun and interesting and there are several different colors to choose from.

chanel duo platinum nail polish

Because the Chanel Holographic nail polish is a one of a kind of high end nail cover it doesn’t come cheap.  Chanel holographic nail polish price can start at $20.00 and go up from there. In addition, some of the colors offered in this nail cover are difficult to find. This is probably why a number of nail polish manufacturers have taken a page from Chanel’s book and started creating Chanel holographic nail polish dupe in a variety of colors that are a close match to the real thing.

Chanel Holographic nail polish

Consumers who buy look-alike Chanel lacquers, may pay less for these imitations, but many lack the quality, the spectacular color changes and halo effect of the real thing. These imitation lacquers may still be fun and trendy, but they simply are not the same as compared with the original. For some people only the real thing will do, and if you are one of those people then you will search high and low to find the one and only Chanel holographic nail polish in the color of your choice.

Useful Guide On How To Prevent Nail Polish From Chipping

A great manicure is a work of art, but how do you make it last? The main challenge of a manicure is on how to prevent nail polish from chipping. Your beautiful nails won’t look nearly as pretty with chunks of color missing. Besides the quality of nail polish you use, there are several things you can do to make sure that your manicure lasts.

nail polish protector

Useful Tips

  • Clean Thoroughly. Always start with nails that are clean and dry. Remove old polish completely, wash your hands and use a nail brush to remove any dirt, oils and debris which may cause problems with your nail polish coverage.
  • Use Good Undercoat. To prevent nail polish from chipping, start with a great undercoat. This not only protects your nails from dark and metallic nail polish that could stain them and cause some damage, it also gives the polish a smooth and ready surface to adhere to. The under coat is very important when it comes to uniform color coverage and smoothness and even helps prevent air bubbles which can cause chipping.
  • Choose Good Nail Polishes. Choosing a high quality nail polish which isn’t old and clumpy is also important. Old polish or polish that has begun to dry and get clumpy is quick to chip. Some people keep their nail polish in the refrigerator and employ a 5-10 minute shaking process to blend and smooth the polish before applying it. Some say this prevents air bubbles, clumps and uneven application.
  • Dry It Completely. Allow your undercoat and polish to dry completely before applying the next coat of color. The best way on how to prevent nail polish from chipping involves making sure that you have no damp layers where air bubbles, or uneven coverage can occur. Make sure you give each coat time to dry completely before applying more.
  • Be Careful With Nail Art. Nail art should be applied carefully to the top layer of color before adding a sealing top coat. It’s important to understand that if you have applied nail art such as decals or jewels that you are more likely to see chipping than with a simple color application. The top coat helps seal these items to the polish, but can sometimes allow air to be trapped around the nail art which can lead to bubbling and chipping.

best way to keep nail polish from chipping

Manicures can be a work or art, or they can be a simple way of adding color and glamour to your hands, take the time to learn on how to prevent nail polish from chipping before you begin painting your nails. You can have a great manicure that last for up to two weeks with no chipping, bubbling or peeling.

Getting Creative with Popular Nail Polish Colors

Girls, are you looking for something different to jazz up your nails? There are plenty of popular nail polish colors, ranging from plain beige to even metallic nail polish. That doesn’t even count what you can find in the classic colors like red and pink. You can also try many do it yourself designs that are simple and creative, and you can even pick up home manicure kits. With a lot of things that you can create, who knows,  you might discover your talent in the chic world of nail art and spend your time on things that interest you most.

There are a lot of popular nail polish colors, and nothing beats the best selling colors of the classics. Many shades of red are still in style, although these days, you’re more likely to find blue, green, yellow and orange being sported instead of just plain red. You can also find  gothic nail polishes, in colors like burgundy and black. Neon colors aren’t left out – pink, yellow and neon blue are all found on the market these days. If you’re into dual colors, cracked nail polishes are always available. These are nail polishes that can be painted over your basic color on your nail to look cracked showing  the original color underneath. This design can be tricky to pull off without the special polish, but the look is all worth it. No more boring nails!

world's best and chosen nail polish colors

Newsprint Project

Did you know that you can make your nails have newsprint or look like watermelons? Yes, it’s true. Besides popular nail polish colors, a little creativity goes a long way. Here’s a short tutorial on how to get your nails to look like newsprint. Once you’ve handled your regular nail maintenance of cutting and filing, try this out. For this project, you’ll need

  • Newspaper – cut into small squares
  • rubbing alcohol
  • a bowl to dip your fingers in
  • your nail polish along with a top coat


  • Paint your nails. Make sure you use a clear base coat first to keep the other polish from destroying or yellowing your nails
  • When you apply the color paint you want, make sure that you choose white or another popular nail color.
  • Let your nails completely dry.
  • Get your squares of newspaper ready. They need to be just slightly larger than your nail to work. You generally want to find articles with small print, and even small pictures transfer well if you are very careful.
  • Dip or soak your finger in the alcohol, enough to completely cover the nail and nail bed. It is important to make sure that the polish on your nails is already dry.
  • Once you have enough alcohol covering the nail, place the newspaper square on your fingernail. Press it down as hard as you can, and try not to move it around – the print with smudge and create a shadow effect.
  • Apply a sealing top coat to your nails, allow it to dry and finish your manicure by cleaning up the edges.

choosing the right color for your nails

What you will have is a simple design that will draw attention to your nails, even better than some of the most popular nail polish colors out there. These projects are fun and creative, and so simple that it’s great for even little girls who want to use it at slumber parties. Have fun!