It is very difficult to take a bath when the water is too cold for our body to last, making water heaters necessary equipment in every home. The cold one goes inside it and after hours of staying there, water comes out hot. A water heater may seem to have a simple process to change cold water into hot water. But have you ever wondered or even asked yourself even just once on how water heaters work? Simple equipment, when its function is explained to us, amazed us easily. So, here’s the simplest explanation that would surely delight you on how these things, such as the power vent water heater, works.

Basic Information On How Water Heaters Work

Learn How Water Heater Works

Generally every type of water heaters has their sources in order for it to operate. It could be run by a natural gas or electricity. This is the main component that warms your water up to the temperature you desire as you set it on a thermostat. So, the water goes through a tube, also known as a dip tube, and fills the tank. When it is already filled, a valve stops the flow of water inside. Heating is started inside a chamber in the tank and when done, water passes through the pipe which moves them out of the heating chamber, and ready to use. That is how water heaters work on your cold water.

There are also other parts of water heaters which you should know. Although these might not have a general part on how water heaters work, without these parts, it will not be called a water heater. It will possibly malfunction. Here are some of the basic parts of a typical water heater:

  • Thermostat, as mentioned above controls the temperature of the water.
  • Drain valve, positioned at the bottom area of the tank, removes water sediments. It acts like a filter, and a tubing to remove all the contents of the water heater.
  • Pressure relief valve, which maintains the right amount of pressure inside your water heater.

Highly Efficient Power Vent Water Heater

Your question on how water heaters work is now completely provided for you. However, not all water heaters have tanks. Tankless water heaters, as it is in the name, swiftly heats cold water as it passed through the pipes of the device. You will not run out of hot water supply compared to heaters with tanks. As long as and as much as you want hot water, it will provide you hot water. In addition, it is cost efficient giving you more savings! These are the main reasons why many people choose tankless water heaters than the old type.