Owning the right tools such as an adjustable wrench can save a lot of time if you are thinking of doing a major home improvement or do it yourself project. Adjustable wrenches could make a job much simpler because you do not have to buy another tool or stop midway through your work. If you are willing to make repairs on your own, these tools can be very useful and should be a staple in your tool kit. There are basically three kinds of adjustable wrenches and most homes have at least one. Among them are the Allen wrenches which are tools that are hexagonal in shape and used for driving screws and bolts that are incorporated with a special hexagonal head socket.

mechanical spindle adjustable spanner wrenches

Types Of Adjustable Wrenches

Other adjustable wrench types include the following:

  • Adjustable Spanner Wrench

This is a type of spanner that has an adjustable “jaw” thus allowing the tool to be utilized for various sizes of nuts and bolts. This tool is also referred to as shifting spanner, sifter, shifting adjustable, Bahco and angle head adjustable wrench.

  • Adjustable Torque Wrench

This tool is used to apply a precise and specific torque to nuts and bolts. The tool is typically a socket wrench that has special mechanisms on the inside. The torque wrench was created in 1918 by a certain Conrad Bahr, while he is still with the Water Department of New York City. He designed it to prevent bolts on underground steam pipes and water mains from being tightened too much. When the tightness of bolts and screws are essential, this type of adjustable wrench is the tool to use, as it allows the user to gauge the amount of needed torque that is applied to a nut or bolt, allowing it to be matched with the requirements of a particular application.

scaffolding ratchet adjustable socket wrench

  • Adjustable Socket Wrench

This type of adjustable wrench has heads that are interchangeable and which are referred to as sockets. These sockets can be attached to the wrench fitting that allows it turn various sizes of nuts and bolts. The most common form of this tool is referred to as a ratchet. It consists of a handle that is incorporated with ratcheting mechanism to allow the tool to be turned in a back and forth action in tight areas. This type of adjustable wrench usually comes in a set with various sockets to fit different sizes of bolts and other types of fasteners.

These are just the basic types of adjustable wrenches available, more specific types exist depending on their particular usage.