Mothers sometimes have rules when it comes to doing laundries. This is to wash the clothes well and avoid being damaged. Here are some basic rules in doing laundry according to most mothers:

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1.) Do some sorting of your clothes. This is the most important rules in doing laundry. Make sure you separate white, light and dark colors.  But it’s not just that, you must separate those delicate clothes such as lace and satins.

2.) Read the labels of the clothes. Never forget to read labels because there are some kind of clothes that needs dry cleaning that will be ruined when you put them on the washing machines. Read the labels on what type of washer should the clothes be washed in.

3.) Use a detergent that is environmental friendly and trustworthy. You can find loads of detergent in the market to choose from. There are kinds that are gentle to babies and people who have allergies. Just read the labels to know what you are buying. Just pick something that is right for you and your family.

4.) Prepare all the clothes to be washed. This task means you have to check the pockets, what the stains in the clothes are, if the zippers are closed, and hooks are fastened. Things might easily be catch u in the washing machine. Add the detergent on the washing machine before the clothes.

5.) Use the proper dryer. Be extra careful when using the highest heat when it is only necessary. The super heat can overstretch the fabrics and may cause the colors to fade away.

6.) Do not fill the washing machine with too much water. This can be bad for your clothes and will also be to your washing machine. The clothes will not be washed properly and will just stuff in the washing machine. Your clothes need to be washed carefully so put clothes according to the right capacity of the washing machine.

7.) Hang and fold your clothes when they are already dry. This is to prevent the clothes from wrinkles and extra ironing tasks.

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These are the basic rules in doing laundry. It will also help if you can have a good washing machine at your home. The top load washer is one of them. This washing machine is known to be one of the best when it comes to laundry. You can search some top load washer reviews in the internet to read some information regarding the brand.