The Case Skid Steer or Uni-loader is a compact utility tractor designed for lifting or scooping. It is larger than your average powered forklift but smaller than a backhoe or tractor. These vehicles are popular in landscaping, gardening, construction, road work, farming and many other areas. Various models of the Case Skid Steer have been in production since 1969. It is easy to find a Case skid steer for sale in both used and new conditions in a variety of markets and regions. A popular source for affordable Case skid steer purchase is equipment auctions.

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Other Brands Of Skid Steer Loaders

  • Hinowa
  • Sunward
  • TCM
  • Racoon
  • Forway
  • Bobcat
  • Messers
  • CAT
  • Gehl

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Operating a Case skid steer is simple. It uses a traditional two-stick tread control design with pedals to control the bucket or forks. This makes it easy to operate the Case skid steer with precision to accomplish many different tasks. A variety of tools and Case skid steer parts allow the Case skid steer to function in a number of roles with a few quick adjustments as well. This versatility and reliability has secured the Case Skid Steer a fond place in the hearts of farmers, contractors and other professionals.

The rugged, industrial nature of the Case skid steer loaders means they perform well with minimal maintenance. With a little care and maintenance, a Case skid steer can provide years of reliable service. However, sometimes they will encounter problems. When this occurs, troubleshooting can be troublesome. If you are not comfortable troubleshooting the issue yourself, you can check with your local equipment service center for advice or service.

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Common Troubleshooting Concerns For Case Skid Loaders

  • Hydraulic Problems

These are one of the most common issues for Case skid steer. In most Cases, determining which articulations are still active will help to isolate the issue. A quick call to service center will help you find the Case skid steer parts you need to order. Checking hydraulic fluids and pressures can also help to expose potential issues.

  • Locomotion Issues

Most skid steers utilize industrial strength motors and transmissions. If you are having locomotion issues with your Case skid steer, checking fluid levels for the motor oil, coolant and transmission can provide hints as to possible issues. Rough idles, lack of power or excessive exhaust could indicate engine issues. Excessive heat or sluggish movement could indicate a transmission issue. If unsure, your local service center can often provide guidance for a small fee.

  • Body Issues

Dents, dings and environmental damage are a common occurrence when you own a Case skid steer. In most cases, removing paint, sanding and repainting is all that is required to return the chassis to optimal condition. For excessive rust, welding reinforcement plates may be required for proper operation and safety. For extensive chassis damage, complete part replacement is often the most reliable and affordable option. Many popular manufacturers and service centers can order and install these components if needed.

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These tips should help you when doing basic troubleshooting with your equipment.