The peplum skirt is very versatile and has that special capability of flattering many sizes and shapes. At present, there are various cuts and styles that are available on the market so you could easily take in the emerging peplum trend, consider it yours and stand out from the rest.

There are a couple of unique and almost separate definitions for peplum. The term originated from Greek and is simply translated to tunic. Because of this, the various sandal and sword film are usually referred to as peplum films, while the entire genre is called as peplum.

serious chic seafoam green peplum dress

The other definition that is fairly unrelated to the other also refers to clothing. It refers to a short overskirt, which is typically word with a fitted jacket and can be traced back to 19th century. The early peplum was typically unattached to a jacket. Instead, it was just an additional overskirt flounce that is sewn into the waist and dropping from it. The contemporary design that we know today became widespread as a style in women’s suit during the 1940’s. At this time, it transformed into its most popular form. Women’s suit jackets were usually waist fitted but an overskirt stretched past the waist. Two different styles were born.

Two Different Styles Of Peplum Skirt

  • The peplum skirt is sometimes flared deliberately, suggesting better hip curve or enhancing it
  • The peplum skirt could be fitted closely to the hips and stomach and put the emphasis on the body-hugging middle of the dress.

You could typically see a flared peplum skirt dress but a more common style is the fitted designs with pencil or narrow skirts.

original black high waisted peplum skirt

Although the peplum skirt is an essential detail, it is comparatively neutral and thus can blend easily with other styles. You may, for instance, pair a cream colored peplum top with a pencil skirt or ankle length trousers for a fashion statement. Even those that are in neutral colors such as a black peplum skirt or white peplum skirt are enough to make you look trendy, without the fast fashion feel of trendy prints. These options means that you do not to recycle your peplum after wearing it twice and if you choose styles that have more details like striking sleeves and embellished necklines, you can look interesting in peplum much longer.


Wearing Tips

Here is a couple of advice for wearing a peplum skirt:

  • Remember That Soft Structure Is The Key

 Look for jersey materials that are stretchy, which will give you just enough drape and volume without overwhelming your figure. If you have a long waist, the peplum must be worn on your cage a bit higher. If you have a short waist, your peplum skirt must be closer to your hips.

curvy pink roset peplum skirt

  • Pair The Peplum With Trousers

This will look much better on women with short legs and modernize a look quickly that can appear retro even with its hourglass splendor. Remember that it is not about looking retro. To highlight your figure more and accentuate your midriff, wear a waist belt slightly above your peplum skirt.

clean bubble peplum skirt

These tips will guide you in wearing peplum skirts with confidence.