Dogs are wonderful companions but if they are ill mannered, they can be pesky. Thus, it is important to train them well. It is a known fact that well trained dogs are much better companions. While the thought of training your dog may be scary, it is actually simple. There are some pointers to remember about basic dog training if you want your dog to listen to you and be a nice boy.

Simple Dog Training Tips

Here are some simple basic dog training tips that will help you improve the relationship between a master and its best friend;

  • Remember that the key to good training is consistency. You have to be persistent and you should make sure you avoid falling for their puppy dog eyes and cute whiny face. Be strict when you are training them and train them consistently so that they learn well. Your patience will definitely pay off.

simple and Basic Dog Training

  • You should start basic dog training right from the day you bring your canine friend home. Puppies learn faster than adult dogs. Adults can be more stubborn and difficult to train while puppies can be moulded into good dogs easily.

  • You should never stop training your dog no matter how old they are. Dogs grow faster than humans and this is why their behaviour is very inconsistent. Training should be ensured throughout their life.

  • Don’t train your dog throughout the day. You can bore them very easily. Set aside not more than 30 minutes towards basic dog training each day.

  • Dogs want praise. They are constantly looking to grab your attention and if they get it through bad behaviour, they will continue behaving badly. Reward your dog for every good thing that even if it is just chewing his toy quietly. He will realize soon that good behaviour earns praises and rewards.

reliable No bark collar

  • If you set your dog free and let him do whatever he wants when you are at home, there is no way that he will behave well when you are away. So remember to train them well when you are with them.

  • Noisy dogs can be very annoying not just for you but also for your neighbours. If your dog refuses to cease once he gets started, it is ideal to buy them a no bark collar to train them not to bark unnecessarily. There are many such collars available that are safe and will not harm your dog.

  • Reprimanding your dog a after they behaves badly is useless. Your dog will only be confused and not know what they did wrong. Instead of that, you should reprimand them only when they are in the middle of doing something wrong. Punishing them after the act is pointless.

These basic dog training tips are sure to help you train your little friend well! It will create a lasting relationship for both parties involved and complement each other in different ways in the long run.