The bar stool is usually seen in pubs and bars and it is extremely popular today. Its popularity has risen because of its fashionable design and chic looks. If you are looking for a good bar stool for your house, there are things that you should keep in mind. Just a little care will ensure that the bar area in your house is comfortable, relaxing and stylish at the same time. You will be able to read the daily paper, eat a small meal, drink your coffee or simply sit down and chat with your guests if the environment is so welcoming. Hence, buying a good one is very important.

uniquely styled modern bar stool

Shopping Tips

Mainly, bar stool are divided into two categories. There is the modern bar stool which is small, durable and compact and there is the classic variant which is not as durable and compact. Classic stools are typically carved out of the wood while the modern ones can be purchased in a variety of models such as aluminium and steel. Another thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing is the bar stool height. You can find either the counter height or the bar height. While the prior has stool that measure about 24” in height, the latter has stools that are 40” high. Depending on your requirement, you can choose among the two. If you are looking for other heights, you could go for custom height stools and find the ones that are ideal for you. If you have a compact space, buying modern stools is a good idea but if the bar area is spacious, it’d be advisable to buy more stools instead of buying larger stools. You will be able to accommodate more number of guests.

checking bar stool height

Types of Bar Stools

The different types of stools include:

  • saddle bar stools
  • upholstered seats
  • stationary stools
  • backless stools
  • backed stools

backless saddle bar stools

Therefore, you have numerous choices to pick from without having to worry about compromising. It is however advisable to go with a backed stool for added comfort. A stool with a raising and lowering mechanism is an added plus especially if you have kids.

Contemporary Style Bar Stool

Always make sure you buy good quality stools for durability. Cheaper versions won’t last long and you’ll have to replace them soon. Now that you know all about the bar stool and how you can choose between the various types, it is time you buy the best for your house.