Those who take dance classes or are professional ballet dancers are required to wear ballet tights. The reason for this is that ballet tights are also called dance tights. Ballet dancers are not the only dancers who wear them. These tights help to show off the position of the dancers legs when executing certain moves. This allows dance teachers to easier spot errors that need to be corrected as well as allows those watching professional ballet to get the full impact of the dancers’ leg movements.

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Most companies make mens ballet tights as well as tights for women and children. Men’s ballet tights are extremely important as oftentimes this is the only clothing they wear other than their ballet shoes and shirts. For that reason, these tights need to be thick and durable as a rip in the tights during a performance would be extremely distracting. If fact, ballet tights for girls are also thicker than those tights that are used for normal street wear. It is their thickness that gives dance tights the advantage of being more durable than those tights for regular wear.

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Styles Of Ballet Tights

There are four basic styles of ballet tights and each style have their use for different activities. The four main styles are:

  • Footed Tights: These are tights that are designed pretty much like panty hose or street tights with the exception that they don’t come in control top and the material is the same thickness all the way from the full foot of the tight right up to the top.
  • Footless Tights: These are just like footed tights, but just up until the ankles much like most leggings do.
  • Convertible Tights: These cross the gap between footed and footless tights. These tights are fully footed except they have a little hole at the bottom of the tight where dancers can slip their foot through making the tight footless.
  • Stirrup Tights: These are footless tights that have a small strip of tight material that runs across the bottom of the foot where the arch is.

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Colors of Ballet Tights

Most ballet tights come in rather subdued colors. For example, those pink ballet tights that young girls are often fond of are a pale pink and a bright shade of pink. The reason that most ballet or dance tights are subdued is so that they don’t distract from the costume of the dancer or their movement. However, there are times when shiny and brightly colored tights are called for and there are many options available for when dancers want their legs to shine.

In order to keep your ballet tights clean and in excellent condition, it is best to hand wash them in the sink using a mild detergent and then spread them out on a towel to dry. Washing them in washer will shorten their life span and might leave little balls of lint on the tights that are often difficult to remove.

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If looking to purchase a one or two pair of ballet tights then there are many online stores that sell this product. Make sure you choose the correct size for you for that maximum comfort.