Ballet costumes had been part of the human’s rich and colorful clothes collections long time ago. It started in Italy and went on its own evolutionary history as time passes by. In the royal courts of kings and queens, these clothes are one of the most extravagant pieces. Apart from the movements the dancers are performing, ballet costumes are part of the whole package that people are waiting to see. In the modern times, ballet clothes to include ballet tights both for men and women performers have gone through a lot of changes.

adult shimmer footed dance tights

 Ballet Tights for Men and Women: Good Names to Choose From

One of the most important garments of ballet costumes are the tights that the dancers are wearing. With the onset of ballet tights, dance movements have changed a lot corresponding to the freedom the costumes allow.

Just like other ballet accessories such as shoes and dress, tights must be chosen perfectly to fit your body movements and dancing styles. When you browse the net, you can find a lot of types and styles to suit your budget and need. Below are some of the names to trust for your tights.

  • Footed Dance Tights

One of the most attractive footed dance tights is the Adult Shimmer Tights by Danskin. This type is perfect for any purpose such as long-day practice, hectic performance, and daily use or even for working out. It is made from nylon/spandex that is why it is of high quality. Its wide variety of collections is design beautifully and comfortably for any kinds of legs. Dancers wearing this type of ballet tights commented on its breathability, easy to wash, and quality. This kind of ballet tight is also good for children.

  • Convertible Dance Tights

One of the best options you could have for this type of dance tights is the T90 BEST SELLER by Balera. It is made from 86 percent nylon and 14 percent spandex, cotton gusset and a waistband for comfortable fitting when dancing. With its most affordable price, this ballet tight is of high quality.

  • Stirrup Dance Tights

A32 Stirrup Dance Tights by Body Wrappers is one of the ballet tights to fit adult and children for an improved ballet performance. This ballet tight is comfortable to use, washable, and made from high quality materials and designs.

stirrup lycra dance tights

Buying Tips for Ballet Costumes

 More than the designs and materials used in the choice of your ballet costumes, it is important to check out some ideas in purchasing them.

  • It is important to wear something you or your kids are comfortable with especially if it is to be used in a very significant dance event. Being comfortable in terms of the costumes’ designs, colors, styles, accessories, and fit should a top priority.
  • Take the advice of the dance instructor for a better outlook of the ballet costumes to buy to include shoes, headpiece, ballet tights and many others.
  • Visit dancewear stores in local retailers and online. You might be amazed by the many attractive collections there are to suit your needs, purpose and budget.
  • Spend extra time to chat with other parents, adults or people for more buying ideas related to ballet clothes and costumes.
  • Above all, before purchasing the costume, examine it carefully. Then try it to the user. This will save you time, money and effort to either exchange the ballet costumes or repair it.

It is important to know that when choosing ballet costumes, one has to be detailed and thorough in order for them to get the right fit so that comfort is ensured during ballet performances.