When you are pregnant, there are a number of strange feelings that you will experience. Your baby may, wiggle, turn and even kick. There are even times when you will make movements that will cause your baby to move also. The first movements during pregnancy are referred to as ‘quickening,’ and they take place at approximately eighteen to twenty-four weeks of pregnancy. Additionally, it is important to note that you can experience baby hiccups during pregnancy.

baby hiccups during pregnancy at least once

There are a number of mothers who wonder what exactly their babies are doing inside their wombs. A majority of these women would be surprised to know that they are actually feeling baby hiccups during pregnancy. Yes, baby hiccups in womb is something that actually occurs and your baby can have these hiccups several times per day. However, most women are curious to know what causes hiccups in early pregnancy.

Although there have been speculations as to why there is baby hiccups during pregnancy. However, there has not been a lot of research regarding this issue that affects pregnant women. First, the only fetuses that develop hiccups are those that are more mature as they are the ones that have a more developed central nervous system. Experts believe that there are times when the fetus either drinks or breathes in amniotic fluid. When this takes place, the amniotic fluid will enter and exit the lungs of the fetus, resulting in the diaphragm contracting and hiccups developing. Baby hiccups during pregnancy is quite normal, and expectant mothers will feel their babies hiccuping on a regular basis.

It is important to note that your baby hiccuping inside your womb does not mean that something serious is taking place. There is no need to call your doctor unless you absolutely sense that there is something else happening. If you want to make your pregnancy more exciting, you can record all the times your baby hiccups en utero, and store the information in your baby book.

feel the baby hiccups in womb

Practically all pregnant women will experience baby hiccups during pregnancy at least once; some women experience them on a regular basis. There are some expectant mothers who do not realize that their babies are actually having hiccups; however, other expectant mothers are able to realize that the rhythmic movements are actually hiccups.

If you are concerned about the frequency of baby hiccups during pregnancy, you can mention it to your doctor during your regular checkup. Your doctor will be able to assure you that everything is okay. Just remember that hiccups in utero cannot harm you or your baby.