Nothing beats the joy parents feel when they see their toddlers enjoy in the water. However, because the kids have not learned how to swim yet, it is your job to ensure that they are well-protected as they dip themselves in the cool water during the hot summer heat. That is why it always pays to have baby floats in handy at this time of the year. They do not only keep your child safe, but comfortable while swimming as well.

Importance of Using Baby Floats

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Baby floats are inflatable swimming devices that come in various cute and child-friendly designs. These devices are important as they serve as little rafts to allow your kids to have an enjoyable time in the water despite of the fact that they are too young to learn how to swim on their own. This do not benefit the child alone, but also the parents as they will have time to relax and bond with the kids at the same time.

A typical parent tends to have fear for his/her child’s water safety, especially when they are still too little to swim. But with proper usage of baby floats, this fear is guaranteed to disappear. And with proper adult supervision, these kiddie devices are absolutely safe and proven to remain floating, even if a child already puts his/her weight on top of them.

Another interesting feature of baby floats is the adjustable top or canopy. This acts as the kid’s protection from excessive exposure to sun’s rays, which can lead to sunburn and even heatstroke. With this useful addition, you can block 90 percent of the harmful ultraviolet rays, without having to cover your baby’s head all the time.

Aside from baby floats, you can also make use of other safety gears like an infant life vest. It also keeps your child secure in the pool water, while keeping them comfortable with its durable nylon material and thick foam padding. Most models are equipped with a grab handle and leg strap for added security and able to carry up to 30 pounds of weight.

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Buying Tips: What to Look For

These are the important factors you should look for when shopping for baby floats:


Obviously, this is the most important quality a parent should prioritize. You’ll know that a baby float is safe if it maintains its buoyancy when placed in water. Consider buying baby floats with two inflation tubes so that even if one of them leaks, the device will still be able to support your child.


This factor is very essential to prevent your toddler from toppling over in case someone suddenly jumps or splashes into the pool. To ensure stability and avoid the risk of drowning, you should purchase a baby float that has low seat.


If your child is too young, you should go for a pool float that resembles a car seat which is just enough for the baby to sit in. Also, any type of covering or shading is important as the kids have sensitive skin.

Actually, there are numerous styles of baby floats to choose from. You can choose the design your child likes, but make sure that it has all the qualities listed above.