Based on the popular Empire dress design from the 1950s, the key features of a Baby Doll dress include a high waistline and a youthful styling. While there are a wide variety of Baby Doll dresses available, they often have a simple younger silhouette to them. Depending on how you accessorize a Baby Doll dress, they can fit nearly any occasion. The design has been popular off and on since the 1950s and is rising once again in popularity. Whether you are looking for sleek and sexy or light and loose fitting, there is a Baby Doll dress for nearly any event or season. Even better, there are Baby Doll dresses available for virtually every figure.

floral style baby doll dress

Baby Doll dresses often have sheer shoulders or drop shoulders entirely, going for a thin spaghetti strap in their place. Hemlines on Baby Doll dresses tend to be a little higher than most, resting near the knees. The neckline of a Baby Doll dress ranges from simple straight design to plunging V-necks. On many V-neck designs, there will be chest support sewn in. While most Baby Doll dresses are sleeveless, the long sleeve Baby Doll dress is gaining popularity as well. This makes the Baby Doll dress feasible for cooler spring or fall seasons.

stunning long sleeve baby doll dress

The design of a Baby Doll dress provides a flowing and light appearance. This is important to remember when choosing the length of your dress. Due to the flowing nature of the dress, breezy days and activities such as high-tempo dancing should be avoided. When choosing a design or print, keep in mind many Baby Doll dresses will accent your legs and chest. Proper undergarment support and shoes can make the difference between stunning and awkward.

fashionable maternity baby doll dress

Because of the high waist and simple lines, a maternity Baby Doll dress can provide comfort with a slimming appearance. Maternity Baby Doll dresses often come with enhanced chest support and an increased length to make up for the baby bump. Couple it with an open jacket or cardigan and you have a great business casual outfit for work. Switch them out for a sheer shawl and some low heels for a special night out. The versatility of the Baby Doll dress is really one of its stronger aspects.

stylish plus size baby doll dress

This versatility extends to plus size clothing as well. A plus size Baby Doll dress is easy to find at nearly any plus-sized fashion retailer. By choosing darker print with a longer cut, you can amplify the slimming effect of a Baby Doll dress. Couple this with a pair of chunky heels and a simple necklace and you are ready for a night on the town. Toss on a coat and you are prepared for any semi-formal occasion.