Picture Framing At Its Best

A picture frame is a decorative border added on the edges of a picture or sometimes even painting to accentuate the picture and to serve as a protection of the paper used. Moreover, a picture frame makes it easier to hang pictures on a picture rail. In picture framing, it is vital that the color and style of the frame should complement the picture. The picture frames were traditionally made of wood but more professional artists of today use silver, bronze or aluminum for a more elegant finish. They can be shaped as square or rectangular although circular-shaped frames have also become popular nowadays. The shape still depends on the story of the picture.

modern era metallic picture framing

Two Popular Types of Picture Framing Tools

1.)  Wooden Frames:

Wooden picture frame is the choice for framing paintings. Wood can be decorated by carvings and be stained by varnish hence gives a dramatic effect on the painting itself.

2.)  Metallic Frames:

Metallic picture frame is a common choice for a personal photograph. This type of frame is made not to be excessively dramatic so it will not take the limelight away from the scene of the photo.

Choosing a Frame For Your Photos

·        Getting More For Less:

Picture framing is the best way to give emphasis to a certain decorative photo in a house. It does not have to be necessarily expensive because many retailer stores offer ready-made picture frame. There are also many DIY tutorial videos on YouTube that give suggestions on how to make a picture frame. Make sure though that you have the complete picture framing tools to aid you with your project.

  • Customizing Photo Frames:

However, if you have an extra income which you want to spend on making your photo look lovely, custom picture framing is a great option for you. This will be a great idea for framing odd-shaped photos. This is also the choice for big picture framing like wedding photographs. A lot of photographers offer their customers custom made frames and they can be expensive. The price to pay for a custom made frames may be high but the result will surely satisfy meticulous clients.

Here are the benefits of custom picture framing:

1.)    Personalized – You can personally give input on how you visualize the outcome of the frames. There is a choice to make up own design for the frames and let the professionals do tedious job.

2.)    Durable – There is freedom for you to choose the materials to be used for picture framing, thus assuring you that the picture frames are built to last.

3.)    Accurate – Custom made frames are almost always accurate when it comes to space allowances of the photo to the frames. Apparently because the picture is measured thoroughly before building the frames.

vintage wooden picture framing

If you are a sentimental type of person who loves to keep memoirs of experiences caught by photographs, consider framing these photos to retain their quality over periods of time. Use these picture frames as a decorative piece in your living room as this will add a dramatic effect to a once dull and boring room and may bring smiles to the faces of the viewers.

Hanging Art In A Picture Rail System

Rather than employing the less professional method of hanging your framed artwork on a wall with screws, nails or adhesive hooks, using picture rail hangers will bestow a pleasingly contemporary and finished appearance to your artwork installation. Coupled with great lighting, you’ll have a gallery-quality setup for your art displays.

No longer will you have lopsided artworks on the wall, or shabbily presented framed art. Picture rails take home and gallery art installation to the next level – neatening the space that features the art, as well as displaying your beloved art pieces to their highest potential.

A major advantage of using picture rails is that you can easily change the position of your artwork in the future, without any fuss.

contemporary home picture rail

How Does A Picture Rail System Work?

A picture rail, or gallery track, is a rail system designed to hang framed photos and paintings from. Traditionally, picture rails have been put at the top of a section of wall. New designs allow for a continuous system that runs track around the wall-tops of a whole room.

Primary materials needed to install picture rails yourself:

  • Wall/ceiling mounted, horizontal picture rail – made from wood, plastic or metal
  • Adjustable picture rail hooks
  • Picture rail hangers – nylon or stainless steel cord, clear tape, or solid rods
  • Measuring tape
  • Lead pencil
  • Spirit level
  • Drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Other useful items you may need on hand – hammer, strong all-purpose hardware glue and paint / stain.

utility stainless steel picture rail hook

In older or heritage homes or for walls that are delicate in some way, a picture rail molding can be used. This will avoid damage to the wall and paintwork. These moldings tend to be constructed from wood, plaster or molded plastic.

Horizontally fixed at the top of the walls, a picture rail securely supports artworks via the metal picture rail hooks that hook over the rounded top of the rail, and the hangers. It is very important to use the correct size of picture rail hook, in order to effectively secure the hook over the picture rail.

traditional chair- rail picture molding

Types of Picture Rail Available

  • You can purchase picture rail kits, for do-it-yourself installation. The kits include picture rails, hangers and hooks. Installation is usually quite easy, but takes confidence and skill.
  • Picture rails can be made to order, to get the exact dimensions for your walls and space correct.
  • Traditional picture rail styles in stainless steel, with heavy brass hooks or stainless steel hooks. These give a traditional appearance, but with a smooth and contemporary functionality. A good modern design of picture rail track will have the hooks and hanging cables/rods sitting close to the wall. This way the framed artwork won’t lean forward as much as they do with older picture rail styles.
  • Period/Colonial style timber picture rail moldings, for a less intrusive framed art installation.

usual picture rail molding hook

If desired, there are also many carpenter-builder services available if you would like to have a professional come to your house to install a picture rail system for you.

Celebrities Wearing Khakis

Khakis, also referred to as “chinos,” have been a wardrobe staple for both men and women for years. “Khaki” is an Indian word and means “tan” or “dust,” and these popular pieces of clothing are named for their neutral color. Because of their conservative color, khakis can be worn with a wide variety of bold and colorful clothing. Khakis can be made of everything from cotton to wool. There are tons of pictures of celebrities wearing khakis, securing them as a bona fide modern style for today.

nicky hilton in khaki shorts

Khakis for Women

From khaki shirts to khaki pants, shorts, and khaki skirts, women have an assortment of chinos to choose from. Plus, there are tons of pictures of women celebrities wearing khakis. Pull your style influences from celebs to try out different looks.

  • Women should opt to wear a top made of a similar fabric to their khakis. Fabrics that are on opposite ends of the spectrum won’t pair well together. For example, if your khakis are wool, don’t wear a thin silk top with them. Try to keep the two fabrics you wear of the same weight.
  • Cropped khakis, like the ones seen on Rihanna, are perfect for warm weather. Cropped chinos can either fall at the top of your ankle or your calf.
  • Long, baggy khaki shorts have been seen on major models walking the runways.

Take a tip from the female celebrities wearing khakis and pair them with heels for a sophisticated look perfect for an evening out.

Khakis for Men

Men have to follow their own set of rules when wearing khakis. What goes for women doesn’t necessarily work for men.

  • Guys who sport khakis should never cuff the bottom of their pants.
  • While many older men like to tuck the front of their chinos, this isn’t the best look. Khakis look best when they’re worn in a casual manner.
  • Khakis look better the longer you own them and the more worn-in they get. Don’t scrap your chinos just because they have a few wear marks. Keep them until they fall apart.

seducive mens khaki pants

Tips for Wearing Khakis

Only wear one khaki piece at a time. Wearing a shirt and pair of pants in khaki will make you look ready for a safari. The more relaxed your khakis, the more comfortable and casual you’ll look.

George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston are only a couple of the celebrities wearing khakis who pull off the chic, comfy look.

Art Supplies for an Art Project

Painting activities can keep your children occupied for quite a while, this will help your child be artistic and discover the other color by mixing them together. Often time’s parents are also indulging in this project. With a wide variety of choices out there, here are some of the art supplies that you can avail. Whether for art class, nail painting activities or merely coloring books. There are the right supplies that you can find and avail.

kids mini tabletop easel

Art Supplies

  • Charcoal – can be of powder for or solid such as charcoal pencil. The powder if often uses for toning the art area when needed.
  • Nail Paint Brush – used in nail art caricature. Most commonly used in nail salons.
  • Canvas Brush – used in canvas painting by beginners and professionals.
  • Fine Art brushes – used in watercolor paints, pastels, acrylic and oil painting.
  • Foam Brush – usually used by craft painter.
  • Acrylic Paint – quick drying time and tough finish. Ideal for most surfaces such as wood, paper, canvas and metal.
  • Canvas Panel – use for fine art an alternative to stretched canvas.
  • Face painting Kit – used to paint the face on Halloween. Great for zombie parties.
  • Palette – used to mix different color paints.
  • Marker set – water based markers, ideal for outlining, detailing or sketching.
  • Crayons – usually used to color art items that are drawn on paper.
  • Pencil colors – with rich and saturated colors.
  • Pastel colors – fade resistant colors; can be used on canvas, paper, board and more.
  • Sketch Pad – can be used for sample drawings.
  • Canvas – use to paint your art works.
  • Rice Paper – used in calligraphy art.
  • Silver Dust – use to highlight art works.
  • Tracing paper – use in tracing art works.
  • Eraser – can be used to erase items or lightening art works.
  • Air Brush Gun – used in air painting.
  • Watercolor set – can be used in paper, can be used by beginners and professionals.
  • Foam Pounce – usually used to color glass or walls in dubbing motion.
  • Table top easel – use as a rest for your canvas as you paint with ease.

supplies perfect for artworks

These are just a few of the products available in the market, whether online or your local market. Some of these items are quite familiar and available in school supplies stores. It’s time to make a list of the kinds of supplies that you need.

The Various Types of Easel

Easels are used to hold or display finished or unfinished artwork, either horizontal or vertical position. Some of these are smaller in size for ease in transport to different locations. Easels range in size, weight, material, shape and complexity.

wooden a-frame studio easel

Types of Easel

  • A-Frame Easels – an A shape or triangular easel, has 3 legs. The single leg at the back can allow placement in tight spaces or corners. Also called as lyre easel. There are also various models of lyre easels that differ in the type wood, width, length and flexibility.
  • H- Frame Easels – an H shaped easel, sturdy and can hold 100 inch canvas. Usually created with handy paint trays for storage of art supplies. Most of these frames can be tilted or slant forward and backward.
  • Giant Easels – specially designed for artist on a large scale. These easels can hold or support a canvas with the length of 244 centimeters or more. These are also fully adjustable to suit the need of the artist.
  • Convertible Easels – are also called “hybrid easel”. These can be converted into a table for pastel artist and upright easel for acrylic and oil painters. These provide maximum flexibility and also available with cupboards to hold extra papers or canvas.
  • Single Mast Easel – usually used by beginners, affordable and simple. These are also available in different type of wood used, material and sizes. Most of these can be easily stored and are collapsible.
  • Table Top Easel – these are usually used by small scale artists. These are compact, portable and affordable. These are also available in various models.
  • Portable Easel – are also called “French easel”. These are outdoor designed, usually used by the artist that often transfer locations from one place to another. Other models of this easel have built in drawers and self.
  • Bench Easel – are easel with bench, also used by outdoor artist. There are models of this easel that has wheels for easier transport.
  • Display Easel – primarily used for display of finished art products.
  • Pochade Boxes – are compact boxes, which allows the artist to store art supplies in one place and work on another. Allows artist to work on 12 inch canvas.
  • Children’s Easel – are adjustable to grow along with your child. Available with two sides, allowing both child work on their art at the same time.

children muti use art easel

Listed here are just the types of easel, each of these types has various models to choose from. Most of these are created from high quality materials, fine wood finish and are also flexible to suit your needs.

Kids Easel: A Perfect Gift for a Child’s Development

Art is a wonderful way for your child expresses how they see the world around them. Some of these are made from durable plastic for easy clean up as your child might want to constantly change the project that they are working on. These are also sturdy and can be passed onto the younger generation. Some of these products are also compact and easy to store.

kid craft deluxe wood easel

Kinds of Easel for Kids

  • Artist Easel – are made from durable plastic and are double sided, one side is equipped with a chalkboard and a magnetic dry erase easel for kids. Also has a paper clip on both sides for painting and drawing activities.
  • First Impressions – are made quality wood, sturdy and stable. Double sided, which is composed of a chalkboard and dry erase board. Equipped with storage bins, perfect for art materials. These are also called wooden easel for kids. These also have adjustable legs which are perfect for toddlers and early teens.
  • Play and Fold – a multi-purpose easel and can be converted to a table with stool. Made from durable plastic for easy clean up and sturdiness.
  • Inflatable Giant Easel – are perfect for outdoors. Does not need paper, can create a masterpiece daily and wash away.
  • Rolling Art Desk – the pochade version for children. Allows storage for coloring materials and also allows the young artist to work anywhere. Equipped with 50 feet coloring paper.
  • Three in One Easel – made from durable plastic with storage area. Double sided, chalkboard and dry erase board and can be converted into a table for maximum flexibility.
  • Five in One Activity Easel – these are table top easel which allows the child to have five activities in one. The activities are magnetic, coloring, painting, stencil and wipe off.
  • Espresso Easel – an art easel for kids that are made from hard wood. These are solid and sturdy. Double sided, chalkboard and dry erase board. Equipped with roll paper dispenser. Also has adjustable heights, storage bins and can be folded for easy storage.

expensive ghent4 leg easel with magnetic marker board

These are just some of the kid’s easel that is available in the market today. These products can be availed through the internet or your local school supplies stores. These items are also available in various designs, color and sizes. These are great for your child and as gifts. This will not only enhance the artistic side of the child, this will also help the child to be creative.