Cool Paintings

A painting can say many words without talking. It’s the true inner person of an artist that expresses his or her actual perception of the surroundings. Among some of the most talented and true expressionists known to the art world, Mark Rothko was an exceptional artist whose desire to unearth a new form of painting. He created some of the coolest paintings ever. Although his earlier art work incorporated various different styles, he later on developed abstract expressionism as his signature style giving birth to many cool abstract paintings.

mark rothko authentic painting

The flawlessness of Mark Rothko’s work can be seen in the various cool paintings he created during his art career. Born in Russia and later immigrated to the United States, Mark Rothko moved to New York during his early years where he held his first one-man art exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Gallery in the 1930’s. There, he depicted his use of rich fields of oil colors in the form of portraits and other drawings, which caught the eyes of various critics.

His earlier art work gradually matured and evolved into abstract expressionism where he used rectangular fields consisting of various colors and light. It was in 1942, when some of his famous paintings unveiled his new and distinct style of abstract painting. This style is best described by the combination of mythic form and the European styles of Surrealism art. From there on most of Mark Rothko’s paintings represented a distinct form of abstract art.

Highly known for his mature and mesmerizing depiction of rectangular fields of color, Mark Rothko has delivered a number of cool paintings among the contemporary art styles of Surrealism and abstract expressionism. These styles have gained tremendous popularity and were highly regarded by both his colleagues and various art lovers. Aimed towards sending his message and true emotions across to the viewer’s eyes, these cool paintings by Mark Rothko contain the real essence of the artist’s creativity.

vintage classic marh rothko painting

Moreover, these cool paintings also depict a wide array of human emotions in a form free from logic and character based representation. Being part of an era when abstract expressionism was barely learning to spread its wings, cool abstract paintings by Mark Rothko have an unmatched magnetic appeal towards them. Evoking a deep yet mesmerizing feeling in the onlooker’s eyes, these perceptual masterpieces have a captivating effect about them. Some of these great and time-less creations can be seen online and in various prestigious art galleries.

Rothko Prints

One of the most gifted artists the world has ever known, Mark Rothko is an exemplary artist who has given the art world many masterpieces. Being associated with the New York School prestigious art circle, Rothko’s art carrier saw him embrace varied art styles including abstract expressionism which later was marked as his signature style. Among the various Mark Rothko prints available, some are an excellent example of the very best in contemporary American art. These fabulous prints by mark Rothko are timeless and extremely breathtaking.

popular abstract canvas oil painting by mark rothko

Mark Rothko was a Russian who immigrated during his early years with his family to the United States. He attended Yale University but left his studies midway to study art in New York during 1923 where he held his first art exhibition in 1933. His artwork gradually matured from representation of mythological subjects on a painting into more refined style of abstract painting. The Rothko prints are bold yet simple and can mesmerize any art lover. There is a huge collection of authentic Rothko prints online. He believed that the combination of primitive art and the work of modernists could be compared to that of a child. He solemnly believed that his vibrant art could liberate the unconscious energies, which were previously set afloat via mythological images and symbols along with many rituals.

Mark Rothko prints have a certain enigma about them as they can bring an air of mystique and awe around them. Being part of a significant era in history of art when abstract expressionism was on the verge of blooming, Rothko prints are truly a collector’s item. In 1946, he came with a new form of paintings called the multiform paintings. These prints by mark Rothko contained a more organic structure as they depicted the various human expressions more clearly.

abtract mark rothko prints

The ‘multiforms’ soon developed into Mark Rothko’s signature style gaining him praise from all sector of art lovers as he exhibited some of his masterpieces at the Betty Parsons Gallery in 1949. One of the esteemed Rothko prints includes the ‘Magenta, Black and Green on Orange’ which is a good example of the artist’s late period creations. His usual method for creating these paintings was to apply a slim layer of binder mixed with pigment directly onto an uncoated canvas along with extremely thinned oils thereby creating an intense mixture of coinciding colors. These and various other alluring prints made by this talented artist can be found here.

Mark Rothko Paintings

Marcus Rothkowitz is the one responsible for the notable Mark Rothko paintings that fascinated people from all over the world. This famous artist of Mark Rothko paintings was an American painter born on September 25, 1903 in Latvia and died on February 25, 1970.

mark rothko violet green and red canvas handpainted oil painting

These are characterized by many things. The most recent one being that they take the form of abstract expressionist art. In fact, Rothkowitz himself see art in general as a means of expressing one’s emotions and religious beliefs. For this reason, the earlier Mark Rothko paintings are usually dark and moody, with urban scenes. In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, Mark Rothko paintings also featured a combination of and careful regard for balance, color, composition, depth, scale, and shape.

From gloomy shades, the Mark Rothko paintings evolved into having bright hues. This was the period when Rothkowitz began to explore a wide range of colors for his craft. At the same time, the paintings by Mark Rothko contained surrealism in them as Rothkowitz grew to be inspired by mythology. A great example of Mark Rothko paintings involving surrealism and mythology is “The Omen of the Eagle”, which Rothkowitz painted in 1942.

marvelous the omen of the eagle 1942 painting by mark rothko

However for Rothkowitz, color is merely a tool and that his multiforms and the signature Mark Rothko paintings show similar expressions of basic human emotions. From then on, the Mark Rothko paintings matured into rectangular fields of color and light, which eventually turned into a passion for the abstract. For instance, there was Rothkowitz’ 1945 magnum opus entitled “Slow Swirl at Edge of Sea”, which depicts to human silhouettes engulfed by an atmosphere of shapes and colors.

artistic mark rothko slow swirl at the edge of the sea 1994

Summing up the evolution of Mark Rothko paintings would be easier if viewed based on Rothkowitz’ influences, such as the: commencement of World War II, readings about Friedrich Nietzsche, death of Rothkowitz’ mother, and his separation from his wife. Taking all these events into considerations, it is no wonder that one could feel so much emotions in Mark Rothko paintings.

Other Mark Rothko paintings include “Homage to Matisse” and “White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose)”. One can see a lot more of these Mark Rothko paintings online, along with their descriptions. For an opportunity to own actual copies of the paintings, a person has an option between downloading, saving, or printing Mark Rothko prints and purchasing the art pieces from various online or on-site art galleries.

abstract landscape inspired by mark rothko

Acquiring Mark Rothko paintings through the former method is advantageous in a way that one may not need to pay any amount for costs, charges, and fees. Mark Rothko prints may be available to a person for free. On the other hand, the costs of buying the actual pieces vary depending on the artwork purchased. Of course, in the end, the choice belongs to the customer as regards his option on how to get his very own Mark Rothko paintings.

Photo Framing Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids love to use their innovative ideas for creating something new. It not only gives them the ultimate fun experience, but also helps them to explore their hidden talents. Well, when it comes to crafts, the easiest one to start with is undoubtedly a photo frame, which is why learning a few photo framing craft ideas for kids can be quite fun. Everyone loves to flaunt their family pictures and self portraits.

funny kids photo framing idea

Fun Photo Framing Projects For Children

Whether, you want to arrange your favorite photographs on a picture rail or you want them on your bedside table, pictures are always considered as the best way to keep your memories alive lifelong. You may find photo frames of various sizes, shapes and colors, available in the market. However, personalized ones are always more precious, especially if it has the touch of your little ones

Listed below is some of the most popular photo framing craft ideas for kids:

1.)  Craft Stick Picture Frames:

Well, this one is the easiest and the fastest photo frame to make. If your kid is new to these crafting jobs, let him or her to get started with this one.


For this particular design, you need some craft sticks, a hot glue gun, acrylic paints according to your choice along with few sequins, buttons, and beads for decorating the frame.


First of all, paint the sticks, followed by pasting them to make a square outer frame, or, you may try other interesting shapes. Cut out the background board and paste the picture on it. Finally, place the outer frame on the prepared background piece and voila!

2.)  CD Box Picture Frames:

Out of all photo framing craft ideas for kids, this one is really creative.


All you need for creating your own CD box photo holder is an empty CD container, sticky tapes, white glue and a cardboard for the background support.


Fix the photo from inside the CD box cover with its face towards outside. Now, fit the designed cardboard behind the photo. Decorate the outer surface of the CD box with laces and felt cut-outs and you are all set to display your photo.

kids clay craft photo framing ideas

3.)  Personalized Existing Frames:

Among the various photo framing craft ideas for kids, this particular idea is quite interesting.


Buy a simple and sturdy photo frame from the store and use vibrant paints, felt cut-outs, beads and other decorative stuffs, for giving it an entirely different look.


Instead of making something new, why don’t you try embellishing readymade stuff in a personalized manner? You can go for traditional looks with sparkles and sequins or just try some contemporary styles such as a double bordered frame.

You can also opt for specific themed picture frames such as for special occasions like Halloween or Christmas.

Girls generally like colorful and gorgeous stuff including flowers, shiny beads, tiny doll figures, and toy jewelry pieces. While on the other hand, boys prefer little plastic dinosaurs, wheels, toy soldiers, and stamps and all this kind of stuff. By concentrating on such details, you can make the work even more interesting for your kids.

Thus, with these photo framing craft ideas for kids, now, you can let your kids to polish their creative skills and come up with unique crafts for memory keeping.

Fun DIY Picture Frame Ideas for Adults

Picture framing is an art that helps to add life to dull and worn-out photographs or drawings and so here are some amazing DIY picture frame ideas for adults. Actually, the idea behind creating picture frames for one’s own home is that it imparts a personalized feeling and closeness with family members. They make some of the best home decorations for sure.

cute classic adult photo framing idea

Advantages of Making Your Own Frames

The look of a picture or photograph or may be a drawing or sketch of a family member who is a favorite of all, is improved greatly by an appropriate picture frame. Although ready-made frames are available in abundance at the various stores, creating something by yourself has a different connotation altogether. There is that feeling of love and affection deeply embedded in the work. Moreover, families may not have enough resources to purchase the required frames, as they are often quite costly.

DIY picture frame ideas for adults help them to improve their self-esteem as the work is done absolutely by themselves and are treated as works of treasure. There is ample opportunity of creating new designs and building exclusive picture frames that will be just right for the home. There is great satisfaction in doing such art work especially for the family and it allows one to design it according to the decor of the rooms. It is also a satisfying hobby and a lot of time passes away in creating innovative designer frames for adults.

Tips and DIY Picture Frame Ideas for Adults

Before settling down to work according to the DIY picture frame ideas for adults, it is necessary to keep the following materials handy like the photo frame materials, glue, clamp and after that, the edges of the frame stock has to be rounded and the corners mitered.

So, here’s what you should do:

1.)    Buying used equipment for picture framing helps to save money. You can choose the required tools and materials from dependable sources.

2.)    To give an antique look to an ordinary frame, latex silver paint can be applied. A few strokes will give the old frame an authentic classic look.

3.)    To craft out a durable picture frame, scraps of wood can be used.

4.)    Old wood combined with stamped-tin gives an antique and sophisticated finish to the frames.

5.)    DIY kits are also available that help to create picture frames with garden themes.

6.)    Frames can be embellished with wooden strips to give them an outstanding look against the dark walls.

7.)    Internet tutorials provide great ideas of DIY picture frame ideas for adults with projects.

useful and most popular adult photo framing DIY ideas

By following these few steps, DIY picture frame ideas for adults helps to bring out the artist in every individual. It is a fact that cherished photographs must be taken care of properly and displayed in a befitting manner. In older homes, picture rails are found holding pictures quite firmly. They are actually S-shaped hooks made of steel that fit tightly with a wooden picture rail. They are used in new homes also. They are very strong and needs no further attention once the pictures are hung from these rails. Even if the frames are removed, there is no need to patch up the rail holes.

Choosing The Right Framing Supplies for Your Project

Picture framing and glazing are an innovative way of protecting extravagant original paintings and sentimental memories of photographs. It is also easier to hang a photo on a picture rail if the photo is framed, basically making the framed photos a stylish decorative piece. This however could become very expensive depending on the framing supplies used and the chosen glazing. When professionals glaze a picture frame, it simply means covering the photo with a panel protection. There are 2 types of picture framing supplies used when glazing, and these are the framing glass and acrylic. Some of the most durable paintings though do not need to be glazed.

modern wood frame with glass supply

Differences Between Glass and Acrylic in Glazing

  • Framing Glass:

Glass, amongst other framing supplies, is the panelling used in this type of glazing. It is effectively scratch resistant and does not need any protective film on top of it thus protecting and maintaining the classy and clean look of the frame. Glass is also very easy to clean because there are many available glass cleaners in the market. This type of glazing may be affordable but may also be an impractical choice if you plan to hang the framed pictures in a children’s room. Since glass is very heavy, there is a big chance that it may fall off the wall knowing how active kids are. This type of glazing is also not applicable to oil paintings because the shards of a broken glass can permanently damage the oil painting. Another downside of this glazing is that it reflects light thus it takes off the dramatic beauty of a painting.

  • Acrylic Sheets:

Acrylic is a hard, transparent thermoplastic available in the market. Acrylic sheets are used as an alternative to glass when glazing. These are lightweight and expensive choice in framing photographs. These sheets are very clear and considered as optically pure, making it seem invisible to the naked eye. These framing supplies are shatterresistant and very durable thus making it safe when shipping your favorite artwork. One disadvantage of this type of glazing is that it is easily scratched compared to glass, hence the need for protective films on top of these sheets.

Other Picture Framing Supplies

  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Gallery System
  • V Nailer
  • Mouldings
  • Stretcher Bars
  • Hangers
  • Mat Board

essential photo framing mat board supplies

Picture framing supplies are available in all art supplies store located in your town. These framing supplies are popular that you do not need to worry of having a hard time finding them. If you plan to make your own custom made frames, consider watching DIY tutorial videos first so you will have an idea on the basic principles of making a picture frame. When you get the hang of it, you can then gradually try different shapes and complicated designs.

Alternatively, there are many online stores which offer photo framing supplies. They give you a variety of choices and suggestions as to what brand and materials you need in framing your pictures. These are costly because you still need to shoulder the shipping fees. To save a lot of money, think about ordering in bulk to any wholesale framing supplies stores.