101 Family Feud Questions for Family Game Night

101 Family Feud Questions for Family Game Night

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101 Family Feud Questions for Family Game Night        

It’s time to bring back the family game night. When your kids were little, you made a big effort to organize family game nights. You made themed dinners and fun snacks. You went all out for your family game nights to help give your kiddos memories they would cherish forever.

Then they grew up and got cell phones. They have social circles and schedules. They have commitments they have to keep. Suddenly, they’re the real-life version of 13 going on 30 and game nights took a backseat to trips to the mall or soccer tournaments.

As you open your board game closet you might get hit with a pang of nostalgia. There lie all the family favorites – Sorry, Chutes and Ladders, Mouse Trap.

Oh, the hours your family used to spend playing them.

You hear a distant echo of giggles ringing in your ears, and you wonder how to recapture some of that fun.

How do you get them to stop growing up?

How do you get them to put down their phones and electronics and gather together?

It’s the lament of so many parents.

Well, you can’t stop them from growing up, and cell phones are pretty tough to combat, but you can at least play some better games.

Your kids aren’t little kids anymore. They need games that match their ages, and you need something where you can work together as a team.

101 Family Feud Questions

Enter Family Feud.

It’s been entertaining families on television for decades, and it’s super easy to set up in your home.

What’s even better is that you can connect with another family for a game night, or split your large family into 2 teams.

It’s a chance to bring everyone together.

You can purchase an edition of Family Feud with survey questions and responses included, but you can also make your own version of the game.

All you need are the Family Feud questions, the top survey answers, a hand buzzer or a bell, and 3 red X’s to hand out when someone gets an answer wrong. You’ll also want to have a stopwatch or timer.

The advantage of making your own Family Feud questions is that you don’t have to invest money in a game for no real reason. You can tailor your questions to your family and its range of ages, and you have a literally unlimited supply of questions on that ready.

Preparing the game will take you some time because you need to research both good questions and the correct survey responses.

To cut down on some of the prep time you can peruse this list of 101 Family Feud questions and pick the ones that make the most sense for your crowd.

1. Name a sport that doesn’t use a ball.

2. Name something in your medicine cabinet.

3. Name something you fill with air.

4. Name something that moves very slowly.

5. Name something you associate with Paris.

6. Name something in your toolbox.

7. Name something that is sticky.

8. Name a U.S. president.

9. Name a State where it’s always warm.

10. Name a type of cookie.

11. Name a candy that isn’t made of chocolate.

12. Name something that you might freeze.

13. Name something in your gym bag.

14. Name a Christmas movie.

15. Name something you shake before you use.

16. Name a type of tape.

Family Feud Questions for Everyone

17. Name something you complain about.

18. Name something you associate with Halloween.

19. Name something you might find in a nursery.

20. Name something a dog does.

21. Name something in the junk drawer.

22. Name something kids like to eat.

23. Other than the bride and groom, name something at a wedding.

24. Name something you lose.

25. Name a track and field event.

26. Name a sport you play in the winter.

27. Name a type of cereal.

28. Name a country in Europe.

29. Name a flavor of ice cream.

30. Name something that breaks easily.

31. Name something you associate with New York City.

32. Name a breed of dog.

33. Name a famous artist.

34. Name a federal holiday.

The Best Family Feud Questions

35. Name a National Park.

36. Name a periodic element.

37. Name something you might keep in your pocket.

38. Name a food that tastes better cold.

39. Name something you might take on a picnic.

40. Name a condiment you’d find at a barbecue.

41. Name something you eat on Thanksgiving.

42. Name something a cat does.

43. Name something that goes up and down.

44. Name something in an office supply closet.

45. Name something that’s sharp.

46. Name something that is hot to the touch.

47. Name something mom always has in her purse.

48. Name a way to serve potatoes.

49. Name something you take to the beach.

50. Name something you find in an amusement park.

Questions to Get the Whole Family Involved

51. Name something that melts in the sun.

52. Name a material a dress might be made out of.

53. Name something that gets better with age.

54. Name a food that’s very expensive.

55. Name something in a first aid kit.

56. Name something you might take camping.

57. Name something you would find at Disney World.

58. Name something you put in a salad.

59. Name something that you keep in your wallet.

60. Name something that might be in the trunk of a car.

61. Name something you need in order to laundry.

62. Name an exercise you might do at the gym.

63. Name something you might find in Grandma’s attic.

64. Name a food you eat with your hands.

65. Name a reason you would buy someone a cake.

66. Name an instrument in an orchestra.

67. Name an animal that is most active at night.

68. Name a type of shoe.

69. Name a kind of flooring you might find in someone’s home.

Family Feud Questions for Every Age

70. Name something you might find in a scientist’s laboratory.

71. Name a way mom likes to pamper herself.

72. Name something you give dads for Father’s Day.

73. Name a book written by a woman.

74. Name a state that gets a lot of snow.

75. Name something you might find at a bakery.

76. Name a food you eat more of in the summer.

77. Name a bad habit.

78. Name something you do on the first day of school.

79. Name something that siblings fight over.

80. Name an instrument you’d play if you were in a rock band.

81. Name an animal you can pet at a petting zoo.

82. Name an exhibit you would find at a state fair.

83. Name something that you might find in your shower.

84. Name a place people go on a first date.

85. Name a drink that’s better served hot.

86. Name something that babies do a lot of.

87. Name something that gives off a lot of light.

88. Name a fruit that is easy to eat.

89. Name something you don’t like to get in the mail.

90. Name a reason you might get fired from a job.

91. Name an age when kids start to get embarrassed by their parents.

92. Name something that has a bell on it.

93. Name an animal with stripes.

94. Name something you might use to clean your house with.

95. Name an animal that only eats plants.

96. Name something older siblings do to younger siblings.

97. Name something you eat on the Fourth of July.

98. Name something you buy at a farmer’s market.

99. Name a movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

100. Name an occupation that works with children.

101. Name a mode of transportation.

The Recipe for a Perfect Family Game Night

These 101 Family Feud questions are the perfect addition to your own family game night.

There are questions for every age range, so to get the right answers teams will have to rely on the smarts of everyone.

You can make up the survey answers, or use sites like this one here to help you generate your answer bank.

The prep work is pretty involved, but you end up with hours of fun and entertainment.

You get a game that everyone can participate in, and you just might even generate some thoughtful discussions if not a few bitter arguments.

Featured image: CC0 Creative Commons FremantleMedia, via https://commons.wikimedia.org.

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