Art Table helps you to express yourself through art. There are various art projects that you can do with the use of an art desk. Even the simplest coloring of coloring books to nail art painting can be achieved with the use of these art tables. These are usually equipped with an adjustable desk lamp for better lighting.

luxurious modern muti media art desk

Kinds of Art Desk

  • Nail Art Desk – these are created from high grade materials, durable and sturdy. Has a soft and smooth surface, also equipped with storage for nail art tools and different nail polish colors. Some of the models are equipped with a blower for faster drying time.
  • Art Lap Desk – these are portable boards for the artist on the go or if table art are not available. Usually placed on the lap of the artist, which are available in various styles, shape, colors and sizes. Some of the models are created with a handle for easy carrying while others are with a large storage compartment and cushioned bottoms.
  • Arts and Craft Desk – made from sturdy steel frame and a powder coated finish. Can be used for sketching, creation of friendship bands, clay molding and a lot more.
  • Folding Craft Station – made from heavy gauge steel, can be folded for easy storage. Equipped with removable side trays, storage of art supplies. Also has pencil ledge, can be used for your table top easel.
  • Dual Station Table – are usually used in art teaching institutions. These are also available in four station drawing table. Equipped with a ratch tilting mechanism which allows to be tilted when needed.
  • Kids Art Desk with Storage – these are available in various designs and styles, usually equipped with storage bins for art materials.
  • Split Level Table – a three in one workstation which can be configured as standing height workstation, computer desk and drafting table.
  • Art Deco Desk – usually used to display art products or the table itself can be displayed as a stunning work of art. These are available in various designs and styles. These can be used as a work station and are equipped with drawers for storage of various art materials.

vintage french colonial art deco desk

These are just some of art table that are available. Each of these tables is also available in numerous models for you to select from. These can be purchased from your online stores and local market. Do your homework and explore for more different kinds of art tables, for to acquire the best value for your money.