Do you want a credit card that rewards you just for spending money? Are you hoping that these rewards coincide with your interests? American Express credit cards can qualify theater lovers for American Express Broadway tickets. Shop and pay your bills with your AMEX card and get American Express tickets to fun events in return. If you’ve never been to Broadway, or Manhattan for that matter, American Express can help you get to your destination, stay in comfort and enjoy your trip.

american express broadway Mary Poppins tickets

American Express Rewards

Theater tickets aren’t the only types of rewards you’ll be able to get with your credit card. You can also get points for shopping, dining and even travel. Turn your trip to Broadway into a shopping event with American Express rewards.

  • American Express Rewards work on a points system. For every dollar you spend using your credit card, you’ll get one point or more in return. Certain companies and brands that have a deal with American Express can get you double the points you’d rack up otherwise.
  • Save up your points and redeem them for rewards.
  • Pay for American Express Broadway tickets in full or partially with rewards points.
  • The points advance system lets you get rewards now even if you haven’t earned them yet.

american express broadway show tickets

Theatre Tickets

  • Simply for being an American Express user, you may be able to get preferred seating for certain events and Broadway shows. Get as close to the action as possible thanks to your credit card company.
  • American Express Broadway tickets will put you in the seat for popular plays and musicals as well as new shows that recently made it to the stage.
  • Traditional Broadway plays include Mary Poppins, Death of a Salesman and The Lion King.
  • Unique plays like Sister Act: The Musical, Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark and The Book of Mormon are also available for rewards points.

Are you using your American Express Broadway tickets as an excuse to spend a weekend in New York City? You may be able to get much more than theater tickets with your American Express credit card. American Express rewards don’t just cover the cost of the theater ticket. If you’re flying into New York City and staying at a hotel for a few days, your AMEX rewards can help pay for your flight, hotel room and amenities, and even a good pampering experience. Make an entire weekend out of it with American Express rewards.