Are you wondering about the American Express black card requirements? This exclusive credit card has mainly been used by the wealthy and elite. But just how attainable is the black card? If you have a good credit score and earn a nice annual income, you’re probably wondering how to get an American Express black card. The official name of the Black American Express card is the Centurion Card. This card is formed from titanium and was offered to customers for the first time in 1999.

requirements for  american express black card

How to Get a Centurion Card

The Centurion Card has the most prestigious American Express black card requirements. The only way to get this card is by invitation. The way the invitation is delivered is unknown. It may be delivered by mail or even in person.

Several of the American Express black card qualifications aren’t known and it’s difficult to tell how someone becomes eligible for the card. Most likely, candidates need to have a good credit score and earn a high income every year. American Express black card requirements probably require card holders to have a positive history with American Express. In order to get a Black Card, it’s suspected that you must have another American Express credit card for a minimum of one year.

AMEX Required Fees

The lofty American Express black card requirements have their perks. The main benefit of this card is that it doesn’t have a spending limit. Everything you can think of can be charged to the Black Card.

  • AMEX Black Card requirements include an initiation fee of $5,000.
  • Black card holders must pay $2,500 annually.
  • While the black card does charge late fees, the fee itself is unknown. The American Express company also keeps the triggers for applying a late fee a secret.

qualifications for american express black card

Benefits of the Centurion Card

Aside from having an unlimited credit line, there are additional benefits to having a Centurion Card. Here are some of them.

  • For one, cardholders have special access to upgrades at hotels and on airlines.
  • Cardholders can gain access to airline lounges while traveling.
  • The best perk of having a Black Card is around-the-clock concierge service that comes along with it. This concierge service can be used to purchase tickets for events that are sold out; find collector’s items; and even to go shopping for you. The concierge service also reminds cardholders of important dates that are coming up.

For all of the American Express black card requirements, cardholders truly get a ton of benefits, which is why the card is a dream come true for most people.